Thought About You(Borrowed Not Stolen)

Thought about you whenever I see that Family Matters Episode. Tracie Spencer FTW.

Thought about you when I see Cheez-Itz and wife beaters in the store.

Thought about you whenever I see the Korean Lady down Lexington Market.

Thought about you whenever I see that Air Tran commercial on television.

Thought about you whenever I get a Bagel w/ Cream Cheese.

Thought about you in August when the Caribbean Carnival comes to town.

Thought about you when I go bowling. I'm gonna get my rematch when I see you.

Thought about you whenever I see Red Lobster on television.

Thought about you when I look at your bracelet.

Thought about you a lot because we have so many memories that we share.

So when do you think about me?



So it seems as if I haven't written anything out in awhile. Not like anyone reads this shit anyway but on to bigger and hopefully much better things:

1. Those confessions led to strong conversation on Sunday. Just glad that things were put out in the open.

2. Lately I've been just been staying to myself, just because that's always the way to go. No bullshit and no whatever else.

3. I've been listening to Joe Budden's "Sidetracked" and "The Soul". They really hit home.

4. Certain ones has been keeping my spirits up. Thanks. You know who you are.

5. I know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


Thank You Nesa.

- wants to settle down.
- sometimes feel like I'm taken for granted.
- wonders why I allow my feelings to get so involved.
- hates the fact that I was sheltered most of my life.
- wishes that I could combine those two and have the perfect one.
- loves writing and has things that most will never read.
- procrastinates entirely too much and it will be the death of me.
- hopes that she finds happiness even though she showed me the true meaning of it.
- is so easily sidetracked.
- wishes that I could see the good that they see in me.
- enjoys having stimulating conversation during my downtime.
- text messaging is my addiction.
- hates that alone feeling.
- loves to travel.
- enjoys cooking and hopes to get better at it.
- wants to go on an actual vacation.
- wants to get that Bachelor's Degree.
- misses Princess and thinks how she helped raise me.
- hates the fact that I love so hard.
- enjoys music on a daily basis.
- speaking of.. 90's hip hop > today's hip hop <>
- misses my porn addiction.
- is mad that I only have 22 so far.
- enjoys acting goofy.
- loves the relationship that I have with my mother.
- hates the relationship that I have with my father.
- doesn't associate with most males due to that fact.
- gets busy. *winks*
- he is glad at the fact that he's overlooked. The ones that took a chance would do it again.
- wants to finish this soon.
- has ideas floating about this story and should write them down.
- will continue this soon when I'm not so tired.


Something That I Wrote For Someone Else.

If she walks past you, better glance twice

Her walk stops traffic and her accent sounds just as nice

Must come correct with the verb, her presence is double the price

Ladies watch and admire, wishing they had the skill

Fellas take notice and give respect, late night dreaming erupting of that thrill

She embodies the knowledge of Mr. Jones

The hustlers swagger of Mr. Carter

The business ethnic of Mr. Combs

Coming up she caught a few losses

Brushed if off and returned

On to crush the pride of the big bosses

Her demeanor is fearless, leaving foes breathless

Watch jaws drop as she brokers multi-million dollar deals

Even under pressure she doesn’t drip sweat

Even after she’s gone, they wonder who’s gonna fill her heels

She represents the single mothers, the determined sisters

Making those chess moves since her career goals must be fulfilled.

Continuing to smash barriers, because for second place she’s reaching up the ladder

2008 brought us the first black president, years later she’ll get her shine

Because she just proved that women can play the game better.


Been A Minute

since I've co-signed a group. But I saw these females video and I was like wow. I'm gonna be checking for them in the upcoming months.

Electrik Red feat. The Dream - Drink In My Cup.


Proud To Be An American

My President's Black.

We All Were A Part Of History.

My Vent To The Election Haters...

Breathe in...
...Breathe out


Some Saturday Morning Shit.

Yeah I know it's dark. It was shot that way intentionally. But anyway don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight.