Aye Caramba!!

Ravens lost. Womp

Poprah may get kicked off of "I Wanna Work For Diddy". Double Womp

Stock Market Crashed. Triple Womp












Blog List

So yeah, go peep that link over there in Blog List.

Just something I'm doing..

Ok I'm going to sleep now.


From A Damaged Soul

As I lay here feeling sick -- not in the literally sense
But more like the present -- real time
What I end up saying will be foreseen in future tense
Mind is racing with thoughts, theories
Nah she wouldn't do that -- Forever our love will represent
She told me fables, stories, had my teeth marks in her forbidden fruit
Felt the poison running through my veins - mind said she was heaven sent
But I felt like I was trapped - many doors to exit but no way out
Inner emotions starting to rise -- heart wants to relieve of that hold
Her voice spins it different -- makes it seem like things will be alright
Trust me and I'll never hurt you -- one of the many lies I was told
Many days of harmful kisses -- those nights were I Love You exchanged
She said it without batting an eye -- her actions broke love laws very bold
As I sit here full of pain -- Pen this for those that share the blame
Realizing that I am human -- but inside mentally and emotionally I'm turning cold.

Best Hip Hop Show Ever...

O rly?

I don't know if it could get any better than last night.

O-Gun(local Baltimore hip hop artist) - He was pretty good. Just that he had too many dudes on stage. I'm like so serious. One dude was standing in one spot muggin hard as hell.

Big Shug - He's from Boston. He did some shit with Gang Starr. Had the crowd hyped up.

Terminology - This was my first time hearing this dude and he really impressed me. He dropped the line "I'm what Eminem would be if he was a Spic." Crowd was on it.

Joe Budden - He blew that shit up. His stage presence is mad crazy and we was on every word. He had Killa BH with him. I mean if they would give him a reality television show, I'd watch that.


Big Shug & Singapore Kane


Joe Budden & Killa BH


We All We Got.

"Bad news keeps comin'
Hard to keep something on ya stomach
Your sick 'bout what ya life is becoming" - Jay-Z "Fallin"

So today I received some bad news. Now whether I choose to say what that news is
remains to be seem. But just know that you never know the effects of something until it hits home with you directly. So I look at my immediate family and by me being the youngest, I have decisions to make. I'm sure that things will work out eventually, but plans that I had have to be put on hold. But it was cool tonight 4 generations just laughing and having a great time.


24 Seasons(Dear Princess)

Wow. It's been six years since you went home. That fateful Sept. 24th when I received the phone call from my mother that you had died. It's like a piece of me went along with you that day. Things just hasn't been the same since and we all miss you just being there.

I remember the very first day that I met you. I didn't know why you were in the bed all the time and maybe I was too young to get the full details. So as the years went and I got older, we had grown closer. More like a second mother to me, who would praise me for doing good and discipline when I wasn't acting right. Even more confusing to everyone else, they didn't understand why you had that special nickname. (It wouldn't register when someone else tried to call you that.)

Words can't even describe how I felt at the funeral, when I heard that name being read off. I wanted to leave but I had undeserving people blocking me from getting out. I was writing something for you in memory of how I felt, but I could never get those words out so that's why I'm writing this(well typing this letter to you). I love you and miss you so much. Things just hasn't been the same since you passed. It's like everyone has gone in opposite directions with their lives. I just wish you could come back for one day, just to hear you laugh, see you smile and have that wonder atmosphere back.

I remember the Friday night card games, how you gave me my first job($5 every month for keeping the yard clean and waxing the floor), how your family embraced my mother and I. Just typing this is making me think back on so many memories. I remember when you sent me on the wild goose chase to get you some peanuts. I had finally found some for you, only to find out the store didn't take food stamps. So I had to go back to the house to get the actually money and go back around Old Town Mall to get your peanuts.

I'm trying to think of more to say but the words are getting harder for me to type. So I'll leave you with this Diana Ross song. It sums up how I've been feeling for the past 24 seasons.

Love you and miss you always,


P.S.A./Video Blog # Something...

I can't hate on dude though. He had empty cans of Natty Boh.

This is just me rambling for some minutes.



If I could go back and just replay Saturday
I would.

Today didn't go quite as well as I wanted it to.

Well at least it's Sunday.

Ravens play at 4:15.

Good morning.


More Randomness...

So I had another video ready to be uploaded, but YouTube rejected it.

It was too long.

So I'll have to wait.



Late Sunday Afternoon

McDonald's stealing from Chic-Fil-A? Wot!?

Show And Tell

Speaks for itself.



I laughed while watching this..

Would've Had This Posted Sooner...

Another Video

But Myspace was acting hella gay. But this was recorded on Wednesday.

And that Little Brother show is tonight.


Post #100

So I reached an epic milestone in blogging: #100. Well being that is #100 I should go back in review the other 99 and post thoughts about them. Pffft yeah right. Well a bit of good news, no one still doesn't read this blog. I think I should sell space to the g'ovt and if they want to post secrets here then it's fair game. NO ONE READS THIS CRAP ANYWAY!!!

Well the Ravens are 1-0 with the chance to go 2-nil next week against Houston. Flacco will be getting the start and if we stick to the same formula, we can be victorious again.

I can't stand arguments. Just one of my pet peeves.

If T.I. would've really fought Chris Brown yesterday, who would have won?

One day it will all make sense.


Here Goes Nothing

First Of Few...

It is what is is people.


Late Night Blog Entry

Yeah so I'm blogging this entry since I'm waiting on this Gym Class Heroes to download. I've been watching the RNC this week and basically everyone is going crazy about Sarah Palin's comments about Obama and the Dem Party. I mean yeah I would go hard too if someone wrote me a speech dissing someone else. Then McCain had a speech where he basically went hard at everyone. Then folks are talking about the experience factor. McCain was a POW of war and he's been in office for quite sometime. Then they say will Sen. Obama doesn't have much of experience in office.

1. 12 years must be considered 2 days in terms of politics.

2. Palin has only been Gov. for less than 2 years so she's an infant to him.

UGH -- I've made it through another work week. I'm like mad tired..so yeah I am going to end this..



What It Do.

Yeah just wanted to come drop a few lines since I was away for a few days. Had such a kick ass time and that was the last trip of the summer. Fall is coming soon.

So I'm writing something new and I'll post the new blog link soon. Just trying to get a general idea of where I want to go with this story.

I don't know why I've been on a 90's R&B kick as of late. Guess that decade brought us some great songs. I miss the slow jam station on Digital Cable. I would go to sleep with that on.

Football season starts on Thursday. I've been waiting for the new season ever since the Giants won the Super Bowl. Joe Flacco will be starting for the Ravens. I'm hoping that he will shut the critics up.

Ok my Yahoo! Fantasy Football teams has been drafted. Foolish me waiting until the last minute to turn the team draft status to ready...But I got a decent squad.

I am hearing that the Power Couple Hov and B may tour next year...Gonna be a hot summer.

Ok I'm done. I'll have something more useful later.