All That I Got?

"Would you love me if I didnt work out or I didnt change my natural hair
I could be the one you could grow older with, baby
I’ll give you all that I got"

So I was listening to this song by Fergie this morning. I actually like the song because of the point that she's trying to get across.

We all come from all walks of life and when it comes to falling in love, will that person that you are giving your heart to accept you for who
you truly are.

It’s as simple as one and two
I’m in love with you
And three and four
You’re all I adore
To the seven and eight
See I’ve been making mistakes
Cuz when you’re on my mind
I just cant think straight
Back to the five and six
I’m all in the mix and Im all into you
Without the lipstick
Without the L’Oreal
You remain the same angel that I fell for
For real, for real"

That's the verse that Will-I-Am raps towards the end. If you truly love a person then that should apply to your situation.

We may try to encourage our s.o. to get in shape to help them in the long run. But not any drastic changes.

If you truly love them, then you should accept them for who they are and as the person you feel in love with.


Shoulder and Ear...

Don't know if you can read that but basically that's just something that one of my friends wrote about me. Well the sole purpose of this is to say thank you to those that let me be that open ear to listen while they let their frustrations loose.

P.S. - Just click on it..


Random Photo Time

Random Sprint Advertisement Shot

Rell Shot

Best Buy, Filene Basement and Famous Footwear Shot

Who is that dude?

New Phone/Happy Holiday thoughs...

So today, I was fed up with my phone and the infamous white screen. So I made a trip to the Sprint store and my phone was replaced. So I'm cool on that. Well except for the fact that I have to add my ringtones back. Right now I'm listening to Turn My Swag On w/ Jeezy, Wayne and Fab. Speaking of Weezy, I'm going to see him in concert next month.. well mainly I'm going to the show to see Gym Class Heroes. I still live with the theory that the best fans are the ones that sit in the nosebleeds.

Now on to the main reason of this blog:

Joe Budden is dropping Padded Room on Tuesday. We know that. But he has a track on there called "Happy Holidays." So if you saw the live studio session webcast, this was one of the songs that he was working on. This song is one of my favorites on the album.

"I spark stoves, disregard cautious
cuz my heart's cold carrying cargo
No offense, I don't need a phone call or present
I mean honestly I don't want none of y'all present, cuz
I won't pretend like my everyday struggle is going away
so I'm gonna treat it like it's just any normal day"

"If they aint tell me tomorrow was Halloween, i'd have never known
I never been the type to keep up with dates, so while
Everybody is puttin they mask on
Nigga I rock mine all year
Just to avoid stares
To come across as a nigga who cares, so to my peers
I could look like i'm really sincere"

"Cuz they know I see 'em all as mere
Don't love yall enough to let u see me bare
Let you see how he's impaired
Nah, i'm not there
We tend to run from anything weird
At least on halloween y'all will stay right there."

Those verses that I posted are my favorites parts of the song... I just relate to them just while listening Joey spit. Especially the part where he said don't love ya'll enough to let u see me bare. I've held back on folks on purpose. I've seen when others bare their souls and it gets used against them down the road. So to avoid that, I don't give everyone 100%.

Go cop the album.



I had this whole blog figured out: what I wanted to say, who it was directed towards, etc. But then I washed dishes and my attitude washed away like suds down the drain.

Like really why the hell did I spend over $400 on this shit and having to spend more money to get the shit working properly? Then it's like I feel as though I did it to prove a point to all the naysayers. But whenever I do get this thing rolling, I'm still going to be the outcast so fuck it.

Then another issue are these below average chickens thinking that they are socialites. Fuck them. Point blank period.

So yeah I d/l'd Padded Room and the shit is nice. Well I'm still annoyed that Family Reunion is there but whatever. I can always edit the playlist.

People change like the weather. One minute it's a sunny day, and the next the friendship remains is like N.O.'s 9th Ward after Katrina. Try to rebuild it and it will never be the same again. Move on..

I'm tired of the Chris Brown/Rihanna story. Of course everyone is saying criticizing CB, but I don't think Little Miss Sunshine is innocent herself. But since she's playing that "victim" role, the media will believe HERstory.(Sorry TLC).

The Ravens put the franchise tag on T-Sizzle again. If he does indeed bolt after this season, I wouldn't blame him at all.

I'm so bored with music right now. I need some fresh music and I don't mean no mainstream artist either. I mean some raw, underground, niggaz is hungry and starving like it's no more food left for days kind of music.

And finally

"Racism still alive/we just concealing it." - Kanye West


Something that was sent to me on Myspace...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

As the self proclaimed leader of the Intergalactic Anti-Coon Force, I find it neccessary to outline proper behavior for those who consider themselves "Coon Free". Therefore I am demanding an immediate end to the following actions.

1) The white tee. Dammit that is an undershirt. That means that it goes under a shirt fool. It is not the main shirt, its a subshirt and as such should be on a sub-layer. Furthermore, your undershirt should not be longer than the over shirt. Get it together man.

2) The mohawk. Many great things came out of the 80's. Rakim, CD's, Def Jam, Nintendo, Me... The mohawk was not one of them. Especially since the majority of coons wearing this hairstyle refuse to comb their fucking hair. Look here you slovenly bastards, this is america and you have every right to look like an idiot, but at least be a neat idiot. I know yo mama had to teach you something in between homeboys in outer space and Cisco margaritas.

3) Baby Daddies/Mamas. If you ain't feelin each other wear a damn condom. I dont care about you havin random acts of sexy time. But be considerate, if you know you aint shit, and you know he/she aint shit, don't combine your wack ass forces to bring an heir to your lame ass misfortune into the world. And before some retarded ass Sith Coon Lord leaves me a comment talkin about condoms break or birth control isnt 100% effective think about this: 99% > 0% you simple bastard.

4) 30 year old aspiring rappers. And I'm being hella lenient. If yo ass has lived through more than two different presidents, and you still talking about "listen to my demo" or "check out my new tracks on myspace" unplug your computer, take that cord, scrape the plastic off, plug it back in and choke yourself electrically. Your time has passed and it would be prudent to consider a nice trade. I would suggest grave digging. That way you can save money when you kill yourself out of shame.

5) Dropping Out of High School. Nah this is not a PSA my spear chucking friend. Even drug dealers need a high school diploma now. You might as well have dropped out in kindergarten. Cause a high school diploma dont mean shit, and an 8th grade diploma means less than shit. You can't even work at McDonalds without a high school diploma. Do you understand what that shit means? You aint even qualified to push McGriddles my nigga. Good luck wit that demo.

6) Reppin for the hood. I'ma say this first, and maybe this will catch on. FUCK THE HOOD. FUCK HOOD NIGGAS, FUCK THE HOOD MENTALITY. That's some delusional ass thinking man. Fuck being proud of what you got, be proud of working to get more. Watch some clown with Coondows Vista brainwashing come up talkin about, "you forgot where you came from." NIGGA I WISH I COULD. Life in the hood is miserable, thats why people get money and MOVE OUT dumbass. I can't wait to be able to rep a place that coons ain't never heard of and cant get to because its out of the darklands.

7) Drug Dealers turned Rappers turned Political Scientist. Nigga shut up. Don't you try to tell me shit about africa, when the farthest you have been is Dolton. You aint thought about shit outside your neighborhood for 25 years, now all the sudden you're Young Kufi the Sociologist. Shut the fuck up and stick to snap music.

8) People complaining about foreigners opening businesses in their neighborhood. I don't care about your perspectives on how the koreans come in the hood and open up a store with $500, when you get your income tax (which has been padded by claiming kids that aint yours) and instead of investing, paying down your debt or using that money to start your own business, you go out and buy $1000 worth south pole jeans, some ugly ass dunks, 2 bottles of patron, and put a down payment on a an excursion. Meanwhile, Abu Graib over here is driving a 93 taurus and owns 3 restaurants, a nail shop, two cell phone places and a dollar store. But you flossy right? Dumbass.

9) Settling. Subjugation only last as long as you are submissive. Know why there was a boom of black business in the 60's? People were not settling for other people making money off them. Want to know why shorty's man treats her so well? Cause she won't put up with no bullshit and she lets him know it. Want to know why certain neighborhoods are clean, well lit, have nice parks and grocery stores that actually sell healthy food? Because the residents demand the best. As long as you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. Coons have "chronic have-not-itis". They pride themselves on saying that they can do ok even though they are the have not. It gives them an excuse to not be more. It seems rational that you may not be the best you can be, because you were deprived of the finer things. But evolutionist and creationist agree, man came from dirt. So if even dirt can evolve to single celled organisms, and those organisms can evolve to eventually become man, ain't no fuckin reason in the world that you shouldn't be able to go from broke to at least respectably stable. Unless you have settled for wretchedness.

10) Poor parenting. These kids are fucked up and its the parents fault. Your kid can't count, but he got on dunks. Your daughter is filthy, but you out at the club spending $10 per shot on don julio. Your kids don't have uniforms, but you have an IPhone. They don't know how to brush their own teeth, but you have you tube videos of them doin the stanky leg and the single ladies dance. The sins of the father are passed on to the son. So how do you expect your children to develop under your selfish, shortsighted, simple minded ass. What nutty ass logic, causes you to laugh when your child uses profanity. How do you send your child upstairs to play on the internet, while you bustin down some nigga cause "he got swag"? How the fuck do you expect that child to have any kind of moral fiber, when you will sit with them and watch A Real Chance at Love, but won't take them to church? You will get up at 4 am to embarrass yourself on american idol, but wont sit with them at 4pm to help with their home work. You spend $300 a month on liquor, but won't invest to put them in an after school program. Where are your priorities. Bad parenting is the the soil that the seeds of modern coonery is planted in. Its probly too late for you. But damn at least give the kid a chance to not follow in your niggerish ways.

Coons beware. Your days are numbered. You have been measured, you have been weighed and you have most definitely been found wanting. We are coming for you. Your time is shorter than Lil Zane's career. We will find you. Join us or perish sweater monkies.

Dell Out


Latest Novel Read

So I've been reading this novel called "Salvation In Death" for like the past 3 months. Normally I can finish a book in like a week or so.

This one has been taking its toll. And it's not even that thick.


Since It's Officially One Month Before My B-day..

I decided to present my: Wish List But Most Likely Won't Get Nan Of This Shit

- A Laptop

- The Complete Series Set Of The Wire

- All the Season Of Family Guy

- Gift Cards from Best Buy


Maybe I'm Just Wack..

"I never wanted to say this.
You never wanted to stay.
I put my faith in you,
so much faith.
And then you
Just threw it away.
You threw it away" - Paramore

I'm going to keep this one short. If I focus on it too much, then I'll just...lose it.
But when I meet people, I'm always looking for the worst. Like their motives and what not.
Some people it may take a little while longer because they are being crafty.
But as a friend of mine said, people aren't meant to play a major role in your life. They just play
their parts and leave.

So I guess this the end of this Act.