Teenage Dating.

Ok I have a little sister. She's not really my sister but we have that sibling rivalry with each other. So she's starting 7th grade and you know around that time that's they start to attract the opposite sex. So there is this dude that is 14 calling her and what not. But she doesn't like him and she didn't want to hurt his feelings.(Bullshit I say. You should hear the things that come out of her mouth.) So he called twice and she didn't answer the phone. He called a third time and I answered the phone. So I'm talking to him and he's talking all this yadda yadda in my ear like "I'm not like these other guys. I really like her. I'm a virgin" So since I'm older and like Sunshine Anderson says heard it all before, I kicks the real to him. She didn't want to talk to him at all but he was thinking that I was lying. So after all that back and forth, I hung up the phone. He called back an hour later and my mother answered the phone. She started preaching to him seriously. Then it comes out that dude is in high school.

I had to grab the phone back on that note. High School? He has plenty of freshman and upper classmen at his disposal and he wants to kick it with a barely teenage female who is in middle school? When I started high school, middle females instantly became a thing of the past. Although I would hear whispers of dudes(mostly 9th graders) still chopping it up with middle school females, it was a sea of upper classmen ladies there. Especially Gym Class. So he's still going on and on about liking her. So when I handed the phone to lil sis, she simply hung up. He called back once more and my mother got serious and pulled the "If-You-Don't-Stop-Calling-Here-I-Will-Have-Your-Mother-Phone-Cut-Off" card and after that he was no more.

The point I'm trying to make: Be aware of who your siblings are talking to in this day and age. Even if they are annoying little pests, just keep an eye out. R. Kelly just beat charges that were 6 years old.

Too Good To Speak.

Have you ever encountered a person that thought they were too good to speak back? Whether it's at school, work, church or whatever, that person showcased their rude side. Those people just rub me the wrong way. Like it would hurt them to just say hello. I'm not asking for a in-depth speech about your life, just be courteous. This happens on a lot of websites too. Maybe that person has a certain demographic that they will only reply too. *shrugs* It makes them look very lame in the process.

Also, this could be brought up on the subject of when you text a person. If you're not going to respond, we can just both delete each others number out of the phones and be done with it. No sense in wasting texts on a person that doesn't want to respond.


Collect My Monies

So pretty much I won $246.50 on Friday and I wasn't there to get it. But I got it today and it's not even burning a hole in my pocket. So like folks was saying congrats and blah blah blah. I'm really not feeling that job or those people.

But I really want to know is how people that win those mega millions end up broke. I mean yeah I understand that you are newly rich and you want to show off what you won. But hell, invest that money. Hell I know I would buy stake in some of my former employers in a minute. Start a college fund for the younger kids. So when it's time for them to head off to college they won't have to struggle, they'll be well off.

Create your own business. Your idea(s) could lead up to more money like ca-ching mutha bitch!!!!


Straight Shooting It..

Sitting here listening to Dear Diary
Feeling the emotional tone and embracing the beat
Realizing that I keep those feelings bottled up
When it unleashes, it seems like cold winters waiting for heat
Things on my mind, choices, decisions to be made
You can read the process on my face as I walk these streets

Rather walk solo than be voiceless in a group
Play the background although I want to be in the spotlight
Lord know there's a star inside of me
But I'd rather stay dim than attract attention by shining bright
Too much of that places a target on your back
Subliminal shots rang out...BULLSEYE...That's the end of your plight

Some think I'm funny acting and my tone is rude
But when you've walk down my road and faced what I had to
It makes you a cautious more like a no nonsense dude
Of course they don't understand
Just because they aren't being catered to
I don't need your friendship...Alone I'll stand

She didn't share my vision
So I had to separate myself
Align myself within another division
Bad experiences within my past have me scared for the future
Not trying to have this end with a head on collision
Hoping that in due time these old wounds will heal
Sat alone crying in the dark, I was begging her for mercy
Pray that I can escape these bad memories get em zipped and sealed
Trying to save face by cutting deals with the devil
Nowhere else to turn cuz I'm fresh out of appeals.


Under My Skin

"Your trying, but it's all right
There is no way I'm let you take what I have found within
Your trying so hard to get under my skin
This is a battle that you won't win
Your trying, but it's all right
There is no way I'll ever be unhappy again
Your trying so hard to get under my skin
Your trying, but it's all right" - Vivian Green

Everyone of us has dealt with this types of people. They do whatever they can to get to your nerves.
Reflect on your past, take your kindness for weakness, etc. But you are determined not to let them
get the best of you. They are the ones bringing negatives vibes into your peaceful atmosphere. They can be
family, friends, your significant others, etc. Evil intentions are what they are about and you have to be strong to cast them away.

"I'm feelin faith
And no you can't take that from me
Your driving all your energies into yourself
Turn it into positivity" - Vivian Green

So what is needed to be done is that you should channel that negative energy
and turn it into positive. That's what we all should do instead of allowing any and everything to
bring you down.

A Look Back

As I walk through this journey called life, I take a look back at the decisions that I made. Some where good, others were bad, some were stupid, others were smart and a few were a mix of all four. (Don't ask) But I look at those people that offered advice because at certain points, I really didn't have anyone that I could talk to. So I would strike up conversations with some people and they would give me insight. So as I accomplished one major goal in 2008, that left with more questions unanswered. Decisions have to be made and I need to concentrate on what's best. Anything negative can be turned into a positive.

Maybe that's the reason I went through three years of pain to get where I am right now.


I Miss

- the days when you could get a frozen cup from Ms. Betty's house.

- sitting in the window blasting Snoop and Biggie while rapping lyrics word for word.

- playing "It" and "Hide -N- Seek" during the early morning hours.

- when the best porn was the ones on bootleg tapes.

- when Martin was on the airwaves.

- listening to the radio when it wasn't filled with garbage.

- making tapes of us acting complete fools.

Sorry about that -- just took a minute to reflect on the past.


The Weekend That Was...

This has been a crazy weekend. For the most part, it was all good and I enjoyed myself. But let's have a brief recap:

1. The untimely deaths of Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes - We lost them both this weekend and the world will miss Mac's comedy style and Hayes will always be remembered for his legendary music career and he also made many cameos in movies. Some fans will remember him most as Chef from South Park. Just make sure that you tell your loved ones that you love them.

2. John Edwards admits that he cheated on his wife - Well he fucked up...he know he fucked up. He was well respected through the political community and it shows that they can even fall with the worst of them. Edwards stated that he told his wife about the affair and she even released a statement asking for forgiveness and privacy. Now Edwards is claiming that he isn't the father of the daughter the woman gave birth to, although the National Enquirer has photos of him playing with the baby. Someone get Maury on the line..

3. Man dies after stabbing and woman is critical injured after attack in Beijing, China - This sour note mars the opening of the 2008 Olympics. The man who did the stabbing ended up committing suicide after the attack. I just hope that security is beefed up so nothing else like this will happen.

4. Brett Farve arrives in New York City - He received Junior's Cheesecakes, $4 Metrocard and a key chain from the MTA. Hopefully, he'll shine light on the other team that isn't the Giants.

I am tired and I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. So everyone enjoy your week.


Gotta Dress Up

I can't stand dressing up. But sometimes in life, you have to do things that you really don't want to do. So I'm going to do this whole business causal and show that I can be "corporate".

I may take photos. Eh



Kind vs. Angry

So this girl that sits in front of me sent me a forward that said describe me in one word but the catch is that you have to use the last letter in that person's first name. So her last letter begin with "A" so I thought Angry. So she stood up and asked, "You think I'm angry Derek?" I kind of fumbled that one because there were plenty of "A" words that I could've used. But angry just popped into my head first. So she replied that I was kind (for those that may stumble upon this, K is the last letter in my first name). But I wouldn't think that I was a kind person, well only towards certain people. Call that selfish but still it's like when you are kind to people, you have those that take that for weakness. So that's why most of those now come in contact with the evil side. The side that doesn't speak and will tell you about yourself. The don't give a fuck if you like me or not side. Now those that generally see that side are those that are sometimey or funny acting. I don't ask anyone to kiss my ass or anything. So I don't know where folks get that from but that ain't me. So all I am doing is being me. If I don't bother you, don't make an issue about it. Just keep it moving.

Zune Tracks/ Duffy's new video

No Kind Of Order

  1. Gym Class Heroes feat. The Dream - Cookie Jar
  2. Gym Class Heroes feat. Busta Rhymes - Peace Sign Up/Index Down
  3. Gym Class Heroes - Blinded By The Sun: I fucks with this heavy.
  4. Mariah Carey feat. T.I. - I'll Be Loving You Long Time
  5. Busta Rhymes feat. Lil Wayne and Ludacris - Throw It Up
  6. Al Be Back - Love You More: Chubby kid from ATL track
  7. Lil Mo - No Hotel
  8. Hot Styles feat. Yung Joc - Looking Boy
  9. Jennifer Hudson feat. Rick Ross - Spotlight Remix
  10. Joe Budden - Who

So Duffy has a new video for Stepping Stone. The song is basically about an old love didn't give her his all and that she still wanted him. Sample of the lyrics:

you still call me up from time to time
and it would be so hard for me not to cross the line
the words of love lye on my lips just like a curse
and i knew, oh yes i knew they'd only make it worse
and now you have the nerve to play along
just like the mistro beats in your song
you got your kicks, you get your kicks from playing me
and the less you give the more i want, so foolishly.

Check out the song, it's pretty cool.



So VH1 premiered 3 new shows on Monday night. I Want To Work For Diddy, Luke's Parental Advisory and New York Goes Hollywood. Now being as though these three shows comes on between the hours of 9-11p, I really don't want to split time from watching RAW and those three. So I watched all three today and I'll give my spin on each one.

1. I Want To Work For Diddy

So pretty much it's a bunch of people that want to be Diddy's Personal Assistant. You have the loud, boss one of the bunch(Kim), the black dudes that want to make a name for themselves, the white chicks, the ghetto girl and the token transgender person. So pretty much their first test were to complete a bunch of tasks. And I think the Downtown team won.

So my take on this is that if you are going to be working for a person like Diddy, you are going to have to really step your game up. You can't be sitting around just twiddling your thumbs, you have to PRODUCE RESULTS! A person like Diddy don't want no slacker. And from the looks of his former P.A.'s, he ran them ragged.

2. Luke's Parental Advisory

The 2 Live Crew frontman has his own reality show (who doesn't these days). He pretty much is about to get married and I guess this show is to show his family life or what not. Premiere episode talked about his son and porn. Luke's soon to be wife (heard they are married now with no pre-nup..HA that must be love.) found a porn dvd (folks still buy porn dvd's wooow) under Luther Jr's bed. So Luke played the father role and told him not to watch the flick. Asked him was he having sex and that he had to cut loose the 15 year old girlfriend with a child (guess that's news to him). Son countered with the whole oh you were doing things young too and kids around his age are gonna want to watch porn. Luke goes to Staples or Office Depot to get the blocker.

Now I was having a conversation with bae about this. Now we all know about how Luke is -- it's a business. But yes he has children now and he has to keep that seperated. That would be really irresponsible if he were to have his children caught up in the mix of his work life. Yes we know Luke got paid off of how he portrayed women and one would assume that since that is his son, he would follow in Daddy's footsteps. But not all kids are that way. You don't see Hulk Hogan's two children in the wrestling ring (Brooke has her own show and Nick's in prison trying not to drop the soap). Anyway, the point I'm making is when you are in the entertainment business, you do what your job to put food on the table. If you have a family, you have to keep things separated from your job. I think I'm gonna like Luke's show.

3. New York Goes Hollywood.

Uh yeah Tiffany is trying to become an actress. So since she's "dating" Tailor Made, she has a new house in L.A. and she's trying to get her thing moving. She has an assistant and she did a comedy thing. Blah Blah

Eh this show is boring. I guess things will pick up with the new dude she is all over. Plus her moms is making an appearance. *gag*

It's August Already

2008 is breezing through quickly. Just yesterday the ball dropped and Soulja Boy was doing his dance on 106th. But anyway, this summer's been pretty decent. Saw hella cool movies(WAAALLLLLLLLLLL-E, EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVA), met some cool people(#2 and his girl, Nicky, Jessica, Blizzy)

Anyway, I wonder what the 2nd half of this year has to offer.

So much has happened...

Anyways leave me some comments(yeah right)


It's Saturday!!

So like I added some new songs to the playlist and I need to stop procrastinating and get to the barbershop.

Anyway, as much as I think DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince "Summertime" is a classic, I think that it's time for a new one.

My choices:

1. Maino feat. Deemi - Summertime - This song might be a few years old but just the description of it, shows how summers are in the hood. Fire hydrants showers, going to the amusement parks, cookouts!!!

2. Beyonce feat. Ghostface Killah - Summertime - Now this song is talking about finding love in the heated season. Ghostface kicks off his verse like this

"I use to sit back and analyze on how we first met
A year ago on the barbershop steps
You and your friends walked past me
I called you back like "come here sexy have a word with you yet, please?"
Congratulations on bein my gift
God wrapped you up tight and he preserved my wish
I'm not a psychic it's just that I'm in tune with such"
I swear the vibes got heavy when we got real close"

Yeah but it's just a suggestion but I haven't even watched the video for the original summertime...

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday people.


We Truly Are Family

I was going to use this blog to speak about my cousin's charge but today I'm going to spin this on a more positive note.

Today after I got off work, I paid a visit to my extended family. Now I say extended because my immediate family is very small (Me, moms, grandmoms, auntie). And between the day that I was born till like 7, it was just my mother and I staying with people and just struggling.

So one day, we paid a visit to this one family that lived in the projects. It was a two parent home and it was some kids there my age. So my mother started to pay visits to this family more often and then we moved across the streets from the projects. So I'm trying to fit in and the youngest daughter used to bully me alot. So since I was trying to be cool, I used to let her beat me up all the time. Years passed and we got older and it's been a lot that has occurred. So as I said around and we talked, we reminisced about the good ol days. So I look at how much my life as changed by being around them. And if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the person that I am today.