Trying To Say Thank You.

Most that know me that I'm not most socialable type of person, but if something is given to me, I'm appreciative of the gesture. I don't like to bother anyone about something because some have that tendency of holding it over your head later. But what I'm really trying to say is thank you to everyone that has played their role in regards to my life. Whether it was tough love, encouragement, reality checks, it is well appreciated. Even those that have a lot going on, I give thanks too. You show that when the chips are down, you rise to the occasion and do what is needed to be done.

This next phase that I'm ready to enter, I hope that I still get that support from you. And know that when you need it from me, it's a given. We are all stars.

Most importantly, thanks should be given to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We often take for granted the opportunites that were made for us, but we as people should look to him and say thank you. I know that probably will turn some people off but whatever.


Why I Love Pearls Before Swine

True story.



Four MC's representing from four cities coming together for 1 purpose: HIP-HOP!!!

Joe Budden from New Jersey, Joell Ortiz from Brooklyn, Royce Da 5'9 from Detroit and Crooked I from Long Beach are the supergroup known as Slaughterhouse. They released their album which was dubbed, Slaugust 11th. From the opening track, they let it be known that it's SERIOUS BUSINESS. On the opening track, Sound Off, you get a glimpse of how they formed together like Voltron. I really enjoyed Joell Ortiz's description of how he's always hungry so that's why he's the torso. On Not Tonight, the gang takes over the track that was once used previously (I know it's a recession but damn lol). Lead single, The One has a rock feel to it. In the last verse, Joe claims he's Melo so he's looking for Lala (Love that line). I'm not really gonna go deep into a review because that could take all day. But the whole album to me from start to finish, is worth the $9.99 @ Best Buy.

As I was telling someone via Twitter, this album is what hip-hop needed. Doesn't matter if you love them or hate them (Folks on JBTV are brutal.), this is what the game needed. Yeah I know Lil Wayne claimed to had brought it back to life on Dr. Carter but Slaughterhouse has it up and running again. This album made me a fan of Royce and Crooked I. You know how you may hear a person rhyme but not really pay any attention to them, well those two opened my ears alot. This album has the feel to take me back to when Ready To Die, Illmatic, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Reasonable Doubt and other classic albums were released. I know I'm gonna catch hell for comparing this album those that I mentioned but that's just me. I know artists put their heart and soul into what they do. (Wait.. some are just pure lazy. Seriously, how can Gucci Mane be taken serious as an artist?) But if I don't get that same feeling that I get when I first heard Ready To Die, then it won't persuade me to go buy that album.

I hope this album sells well because you are getting your monies worth.


Good Gone Bad

I'm here to slay the myth and kill the dragon
I wish I could be more positive but I feel cursed
Such a bad feeling overwhelms my mind
Crushing hopes and false feelings may leave your bubble burst.
So why do I allow this to occur? Disappointment rages leaving my heart scarred and burned
So I place you all in the same category. Not fair to you but you haven't been fair to me.
Left feeling vulnerable but you can say that this is a lesson learned.
So why do I continue to self inflict this pain?
Knowing that this should've been well over.
But I'm stuck in this enduring downfall of rain.
No umbrellas just the story of my life and no happy results.
Just a mess of broken dreams and plenty letdowns nested inside my brain.
I wrote it a letter but haven't gotten a reply yet.
But it's becoming clear that it's not you, it's all of me.
Fate was already written pre-birth but I tried to stay illmatic.
Maybe it's something that you notice that I still can't see.
I want to change the ending but my story has already been told.
Such a bad feeling for anyone to keep in possession.
The fate of when a good heart turns cold.


This Is Me

Mary J. Blige has a song called Take Me As I Am. The singer from Houston had a song called Flaws And All. Well it seems when it comes to our imperfections, some people tend to overlook theirs and are quick to point out others. Like they were created in the image of Jesus himself. None of us are. As much as we try not to, we tend to judge each other on things that we can or can't control. I know I'm not perfect as I have scars, bumps and other things on me as well. Some just tend to think that they are just the world's gift. Things can change in an instant or it could be passed down to your next generation. So if you can't accept me for who I am, then move the fuck on. No need for you to be around me if I don't fit what society deems as "correct". If I can accept you for your stutter and your wandering eye, then you should be able to do the same for me. Then it just annoys me that those have way more imperfections should be more grateful instead of tearing others down. But whatever, it will be the same ol superficial, egotisitc people that some of you are.


Friendship Losses

Yesterday, I had to walk away from it all.
We had built something strong in the beginning.
Then this unraveled and started to fall.
Mostly I'm to blame for lack of communication.
We ended up on opposite sides of the fence.
Like strangers walking past headed in the opposite direction.
Kept it all in perspective, you were making your own moves.
Feeling kind of bugged that it came to a halt this way.
Wanted to keep trying, vying for your attention.
The more that I spoke, the more I started to lose my say.
So I'm ending this while it's still fresh in my mind.
Hurts deep that the friendship had to suffer at the end of the day.


Dear Love,

Well once again we have come to a crossroads in our paths. The heart and mind constantly disagree on which way to follow you. They both have the best interests but they tend to view you in a different light. The heart is loyal and will stay down through thick and thin. The mind wants to analyze the situation and do what needs to be done in order to protect the heart. So they battle constantly until one slips and allows the counterparts to gain the upper hand.

So where does that leave you? Day in and night out, you have so many relationships beginning and ending. You've been widely appreciated and knowingly abused. You've been kept a secret and overly commercialized. February 14th should be everyday since you take no days off. But what about those that can't seem to reach you? They want to experience that trait you have to offer. Maybe their time hasn't came yet.

So many times I've tried to avoid you. But it seems like you placed someone else there. Tried to play things off but you used the trickery to reel me right back in. Like a fiend, I took the drug. Let the high consume my soul. What is the secret to finding success with you? Lord knows that I don't want to end up older in age still searching for that answer.

Then I turned to music for guidance. Danity Kane trusted you and now you're poetry to them. Seems like those words will touch your soul. Duffy dealt with you and was left crying at Warwick Avenue. Mary J. Blige made many songs about the joys and pain you gave her. Carl Thomas was left emotional. So much pain funneled to the word through music. They do say that pain can bring joy. Mariah once thanked God for finding you.Tamia couldn't get enough of you. Luther, Barry, and countless others have rejoiced in the way that you made them proud.

So it would seem as if we had a lengthy history. Not strangers but not really familiar either. Tried to take chances but ended up avoiding those boundaries. As much as I try to distance myself, we manage to cross paths.

So how do we begin this next chapter?

Yours truly,



Week In Rewind

So those are some blurry photos from the Ghostface/Method Man & Redman show.. Sue me. If I would've been closer they would've came out better!!!! But I had fun. I think everyone did.

So tonight I saw

Funny People.

This movie was great. And not just because it has Seth Rogen and the usual Judd Apatow crew but the storyline itself was presented lovely. Aziz Ansari needs his own feature film now!!! But Funny People is a movie about a comedian George Simmons (Sandler) who discovers that he has a terminal illness. So he decides to go do stand up one night and also there is a struggling comedian named Ira who goes on after Simmons. Simmons liked his act and decides to hire him as a writer/P.A. So as time goes on the movie made me reflect on things like life and those you have around you. It's a scene where they are having Thanksgiving dinner and Simmons says something about he never thought he was the old guy until he met them. That's how I see myself when I'm around some younger ones and I start to show my age on some topics. Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill, RZA, Jason Schwartzman and Apatow's real life daughters also star in the movie. But there's one female that caught my eye in this movie:

Aubrey Plaza plays Daisy who's also a comedian in the movie. She was like the weird kinda like out of place female but she caught my interest as soon as see appeared on the screen. So yeah I'm gonna really start checking for Parks & Recreation more often.