Why do I contain these feelings? Thoughts stay bottled up then released under pressure. So much goes on around me but I get that alone feeling. That eerie walking down the wrong road feeling. They say nice guys finish last and only assholes gets ass. Bruised a few egos, don’t really like to smile at people. Grew up no siblings, moved around a lot. Critical of my life so I’m hard on me. I want the best for the future, but I feel haunted by mistakes in the past. Look at some for inspiration but in the end I felt let down.



I'm like in a bad mood, which came out of nowhere. I was cool earlier laughing it up, having fun. Then I read a comment that someone said on a site that just completely fucked it up. Now I'm going through and analyzing those that I associate myself with. I try to engage with people socially just because I think I'm a fairly nice person, but

"And they don't really wanna see the good in me
Ain't satisfied until they see the fool in me" - Tre Williams

I could easily just give out chances and try, but then they show that true side of themselves which leads to the ties being cut. They won't lose sleep and neither will I. I just don't care and whoever reads this can take it for what it's worth.


Another Chapter Closed?

So today since I had the day off, I decided to pay a visit to someone that I called a friend. Well it's deeper than that, more like family. Like in recent years, things has fallen off. So it's like I'm just alone back at Square One. I could go down the list of all the good, bad and ugly times that we've shared. But it wouldn't change how the situation is now. So if you have people that are close to you, make sure that you keep it that way.