Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Good morning with kisses in the sunlight
Not wanting to leave your side
Having vivid memories of last night
You moaned, I begged, clothes came off
Your touch sent a shock up my spine
Damn kiss me again. Lips are seductive and oh so soft
Musical sounds of your voice as I explored your territory
You pushed me in deep wanted to get it rough
Bodies danced in unison as we reached that climatic joy

Late afternoon and I'm feening for that drug
Shoot that love inside my soul
Send me shaking, eyes rolling in my head
What...ahh fuck I am losing control
Can't wait until I see your smile
Fuck saying hello and how was your day
I want to taste those nipples so kindly remove that blouse

It's the evening and your are wearing that beater
I'm feeling so hot that I could set off a 4-alarm blaze
Love making, love creation, love so amazing
I would just want to be in your company for days
Embracing your touch, sealing your kiss, going farther than where we start
Knowing that I want to give our forever
Because like a thief, you've stolen my heart.


Shining Light

As we walk this path called life
Many roads was traveled, crossed and mixed with others
But that shining light led me stray
Not knowing where it would lead or would I find another
Met many females who I thought was the one
But that shining light lead me in your direction
The light took me to an ocean. As I stared
I saw my future in the reflection
It was full of happiness and wedded bliss
And after we said our "I Do" and watched our families cry
We shared our final last first kiss.


"Have you ever been stabbed in the back
By someone you thought was really cool
Did they steal your heart or was it money
Or was it lies they told
Strangers just disguised as your friends
Never again ‘cause now you know

That friends will let you down
Friends won't be around
When you need them most
Where are your friend

Friends are hard to find
Friends, yours and mine
I'm talkin' ‘bout your friends" - Jody Watley - "Friends"

So I was having a conversation with an old(well not so old) friend of mines and
she brought to light of a situation that she was dealing with and she asked for my advice.
So she explained it all to me and I gave her some advice.

So it just made me think about the times that folks would stab you in the back just for any reason.
It could be in the workplace, church, someone that you knew forever and a day. They are all of capable of
sticking that sharp metal knife in your back and twisting it.

Every now and then I get a little easy
I let a lot of people depend on me
I never though they would ever deceive me
Don't you know when times got rough I was standing on my own
I'll never let another get that close to me
You see I've grown a lot smarter now
Sometimes you have to choose and then you'll see
If your friends is true they'll be there with you
Through the thick and thin
" - TLC - "What About Your Friends"

My mother would always tell me while I was coming up, that not everyone is going to be your friend.
I would always think that she was being mean because was always telling me things that she said was for my
good. So then when I would hang out with these so called "friends", I would see things they do that was against my judgment and how some of them were two faced as hell. But in that song that I quoted from TLC, they hit the nail right on the head. I guess some people have their reasons as for what they do.

First I see 'em then I don't, they disappear
First she tried to slit my throat,now she ain't there
" - Lil Kim - "Backstabbers"

So now my circle remains small because of past dealings with others. I may associate with some but they don't get that
friend title. It takes a lot for you to be even included in the circle. So I just stay to myself and avoid those politics as usual. Jay-Z did say once that "
If every nigga in your clique is rich your clique is rugged, Nobody will fall cause everyone will be each others crutches." Well I've had too many crutches broken in my lifetime and I'm standing on my own.


Friday Blah-fest.

Promoters need to get their money right.


Females Point Of View

So you know the last post was from the white girl and she broke down about how the females should operate. Well know I've received insight from another friend of mines, we'll call her P.

Me: It seems to be something wrong when they are doing it. I only had one female that did it the way that I guess it's supposed to be done.

P: lol! Tell me this, do you ever have the oh shit factor when you say "oh shit." like at least 3 times and mean it while she's doin it?

Me: Nah. It's like it's being done because it has to not because they enjoy it.

P: Then yeah, it's the females. They must just suck with no craft. You gotta have a strategy, lol.

Well there you have it.


Words From The White Girl

Fe-Fe: I think EVERY women should know how to cook, clean and suck a mean penis
Fe-Fe: and work
Fe-Fe: true story
Fe-Fe: take care of your mens, as long his ass is working there is no need for him to have to come home to a dirty house and no food
Fe-Fe: word



Video Blog

Too much cursing..I know.

But I got my point across.


So I was watching this video, and it reminds me of just hearing shit from my youth:

- trying to bust LL Cool J's "My Radio" during lunch time and failing miserably. :cry2:

- meeting Eric B and Rakim during a autograph signing

- hearing The Chronic, Doggystyle, Ready to Die, Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt for the first time.

- when Wu Tang Clan used to get played daily.

- Watching The Box(Who remembers that), BET and MTV -- When they actually showed music videos.

Music has changed and not necessarily for the best either.


Video Blog - Pinky Bear Edition

<a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=a50e0768-fd35-4ff6-a4c9-7ebb7b4a3cb2" target="_new" title="Video Blog - Pinky Bear Edition">Video: Video Blog - Pinky Bear Edition</a>

Ladies make sure you are getting checked out.


Hope Says...

"Sometimes my burdens get so heavy
And it seems too hard to bear
Sometimes I feel so empty
And it feels like no one's there
Somebody said that nothing lasts forever
Just the storm so I've been told
But it seems that when it rains it pours" - Rain Don't Last


Some Photos From Friday Night

Black Thought

Eric from GCH



So Travis had on this Passion Before Fashion Shirt. And I want it. =0|


I Should've Brought My Camera =0/

So pretty much, I went to a great fucking concert last night. This show was just awesome overall. Estelle is a great singer and she had the crowd moving. She performed songs such as Wait A Minute(Just A Touch), More Than Friends, Pretty Please(Love Me) and American Boy.
She also brought Travis from GCH out to do a song...can't think of it right now. I'll google it later.

So then it was a brief intermission, while they removed Estelle's set and set up for Gym Class Heroes. The lights go down and that's when the band emerged on the stage. If you ever go to a Gym Class Heroes show, you'll be in for a treat. I mean thoroughly entertained. They performed songs from Papercut Chronicles, As Cruel As School Children, and new release The Quilt. Damn I should have brought my camera. They did bring out Estelle to do Guilty Until Proven Innocent and this one white chick to do Drnk Txt Romeo. I just realized that they didn't perform New Friend Request or Don't Tell Me It's Over. Actually I wanted to hear Live Forever(Fly With Me).

Finally the main acts of the evening came to the stage, The Roots. Now being as though I'm a new listener to The Roots (although I've known that they have been around since the 90's) they did a medley of hits such as You Got Me, Rising Up, Get Busy, and that other song where they are performing on stage and the curtain opens and closes. That song just slipped my mind.

But overall the show was great. The only issues were that they were late doing sound check and people kept wanting to come to the front when it was already tight as is.

Well I'm done here. Catch me on Plurk...later on Twitter.


No Title(Just Listen To Me)

So my grandmother's birthday is next week and I suggested to my mother that we do something nice for her. Now my grandmother and I have this running question and answer thing that dates back to when I was little:

Me: Grandma, how old are you?

Grandma: I'm 41 Derek.

Me: 41? When you gonna be 100?

So each year that her birthday comes around, we've always counted down the years until she answers my question. But sometimes, the way this thing called life works, we don't always get our questions answered. It happens to the everyone that has something planned for the future and something deters it from being answered.

Now back to my original post, when you lose someone that was close but you never get to patch up things that might have needed it. For example, I was watching an episode of Home Improvement one night. So Jill's father asked could he come visit her and what not. So she came up with some excuse about being tired from school. Then they very next day, her father passed away. So she was feeling that regret that she turned her father away and now she wouldn't get a chance to get that back.

So when that happens, does that person live a life long guilt? They wanted to make up with that old friend/relative and it can never be. This is why I say that beef is fuckin wack. It's not point to it. Yeah you are mad at that person but whatever the reason is, fuck it and bury that shit. Life is too short to be holding grudges.