One Day Left....

Until the big day, but as of right now, this day is starting off very shitty. I think I'm going to have to get a new phone because the one I have right now is totally dead. That probably won't be until 5pm since my time don't start until Sunday...

I'm just hoping that this weekend will be a great one.

So everyone have a great day.

Damn this post sucked. lol.


Thoughts on Relationships.

"When I knock you down
You'll need another town
where somebodys gonna talk to you,
You just let me wait now its too late
For your delayed delayed devotion" - Duffy "Delayed Devotion"

So it's been plenty of us that has gone through this
sort of relationship. The person that we've gave our heart to, that heart that's
been through so much and they just don't show us the love and affection that
we give to them.

So when we finally have enough of that bullshit they are feeding us,
then they want to be all "I'm sorry" "I'll never do it again" blah blah blah. And
you have broken your back for that person. Over and over and over again.

I guess that saying is true when you don't know what you got till it's gone.

That person is long gone and you are stuck in a wretch-like state.

Or maybe that person hasn't figured out what garbage you truly are. Maybe they figure
that it's just a phase and you will come around.

Ashanti said that this here was too good and he didn't want nobody else. She ended up killing the dude.

Adam Levine gave his all to his woman and she cheated on him. He killed the dude.(Just download and listen to "Wake Up Call")


I'm Not Perfect.

Never claimed to be perfect or better than anyone else. But right now I just wish that I could vanish. At times I wish I wasn't born at all. I'm not trying to have anyone feel sorry for me but hey, we do things we aren't proud of. I think I'll be viewed upon just how things are now. Just erase everything that I've done positive. Fuck graduation, fuck all the accomplishments that I've had and just focus on my negative traits. That's what everyone is judged upon. Can't sit to yourself and be quiet because people will think that you are acting funny. I mean my life is nothing major, but soon as someone makes a wrong decision in life, spotlight is on you buddy. The crowd is waiting for your performance. How are you going to wow them today? I could save the world just by pressing a button but someone will dig up something fabricated and they'll run with that story. Won't even ask you your side of the story. *sigh* Fuck it I'm done talking about it. I was wrong and I admit that. But until you understand the circumstances in the situation, then you can't walk in my shoes.


I Should Be Happy...But I'm Not.

So I got my cap and gown for next Saturday. I should be ecstatic because I'm completing a goal. But with that happiness comes that bitter pain. These past few days has been rough and once again, all I have to blame is myself. Now I'm not going to go into facts because that's how rumors and shit get started. But I'll say this, when someone gives you their all, don't fuck it up by withholding valuable information. Especially when it's someone that gave you their all and then some.

So I was listening to Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite. That put me in a very mellow mood. Now I'm bumping this Little Brother and I'm feeling it so far.

Speaking of albums, everyone should either have or download the following albums:

The Roots - Rising Down
Death Cab For A Cutie - Narrow Stairs
Kidz In The Hall - The In Crowd
Bun B - II Trill
Usher - Here I Stand

I wish I could post more but my heart isn't into it.

Oh well. 3-day weekend coming up.


Something That Sticks With You...

"Life is cheap, bittersweet
But it taste good to me

Take my turn, crash and burn
That's how it's supposed to be"
- Alicia Keys

What I gather from these four lines is that
you can always expect the sour taste that
life brings, but at some instance you will experience
that delight that will make it worth the trip.

Also if you fail at something, it's not the end of the world.
Just take it for what it's worth.

"Deep in my mind Im secure we can buy
I wanna see the light before I die or I lie in an empty space,

The darkness comes and I’ve been telling my soul
And me and myself we turn around, we’re getting old
," - Alicia Keys

Loved Ones Who Are No Longer With Us.../ Protect Ya Neck

I was listening to Bun B's II Trill album today and he has a track on there called "Angel In The Sky". It's a moving tribute to Pimp C who passed away late last year due to an drug overdose. So I started thinking about loved ones and others that I have lost along the way. It's just a daily reminder that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. We should cherish our family, friends, etc. Call that one relative that you haven't heard from in ages. Tell them that you love them dearly. Go visit that old friend. It's just sad that we can fall out of touch with each other so quickly.

Also, it's entirely too many of the young people dying to senseless bullshit. When i read The City Paper every Wednesday, they have the Police Blotter of the murders of the previous and it's just sad to see that most of these young people don't make it over the age of 25. I mean gang violence, people being murdered for no reason at all. It just makes me want to go register a gun and have the right to bear arms.

Just sad at how things in life turn out as a result.



I like to sit by myself and clear my head of any thoughts that may linger. Some people tend to think that I'm being anti-social or just being a plain asshole, which isn't my intentions. It could be just at that time, I'd rather be alone.

Also, why do we allow our past relationships dictate what the current or future ones may hold.? On one hand, you're just looking out for yourself. You've been in and out of these relationships, only to end up with the same sad ending. But on the other hand, you could be missing out on something truly wonderful. Someone that you can hold for a lifetime. It gives a clearer view on why some men and women act they way that they do.

One thing that I don't understand is this new generation. All I'm seeing in the news are teenagers assaulting adults. Just recently, a 16 year beat his mother to death and his father while he was sleeping. Now that has me worried on some levels. Some of these parents are having children at young ages and not giving them the proper discipline while they are coming up. My mother didn't tolerate this and I look at how my mother raised me. She still is tough woman and she don't play. I used to think my mother was being mean when she wouldn't let me do certain things, but as I look back now, she helped me avoid some things that I didn't need to deal with. I wish some of these parents would instill values into their children while they are growing up. Spend time with them and not allowing the television to raise them.

That's all for now.


Slowly Getting Back Into It

Well I came home from the long day that I left in the dust and I kicked off my shoes, took a nice nap and let Delilah be the soundtrack for my dreams.

Even though Delilah was right next to me, I was being entirely too lazy to switch off the songs that I didn't want to listen to. So some songs came on and I have an honest listen and so I want to apply those lyrics to real life.

1. "Because It's Not Like U Live Here
U Just Stay From Time 2 Time
And Even Though U Can Get In
Ur Key Ain't Gonna Work Tonight
Cause Ur About 2 Get Evicted
I'm Hangin Up My No Vacancy Sign
Because U Missed Check In
This House Ain't No Hotel Tonight" - Lil Mo "No Hotel"

Now this was the first time that I listened to this song and it reminds me of people that have a "sexual relationship" with a person that's gone by sun rise. This song was basically a wake up call saying no more.

2. "She's my friend, she doesn't judge me
She has no idea I'm ugly
So I've absolutely nothing to hide
Because I'm so much prettier inside
Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh" - Gnarls Barkley "Blind Mary"

When I listen to this song, it describes a person that sees no one else for the physical features. Which is very rare in today's world. But this album The Odd Couple is on my short list of the "Best Albums in 2008(so far.)

3. "And I'm supposed to pivot like I'm a forward in the league, I'm Oden with it
Yet don't owe them niggas nothing but potent lyrics
But if you ain't got the dance they revoke your spinning
So good rappers ain't eating they Olsen twining
But I'm so committed, they have grown familiar
With the counterfeit hitters they so-so with it, but they are Sosa with it." - Wale "Rising Up"

Ah man I can see why everyone is going crazy about this dude. This song right here, is one of my FAVORITE'S RIGHT NOW!!!!! And hearing Wale spit on it, makes me want to hear even more of his music. Rising Down also is on that short list too.

4. "See this the type of shit niggaz don't try at home
I come funkin up the spot like Micheal Jordan's cologne
With the megadrunken, style to keep the crowd pumpin
Niggaz lookin at me like, 'Tash is up to somethin'
(Get drunk and I stumbled) but I didn't come to trip
I came to bring it to ya humb-le
Tumb-le all your plots and all your plans
Ol Dirty's in the house and that's my motherfuckin man!" - Tash "Hip Hop Drunkies"

I play this song every morning as I'm getting off the train. Plus I hear that Tha Alkaholiks recently got back together so I'm gonna be looking out for more drunken raps.

5. "You can't tell me you don't remember those nights
and if I would cry, then you would cry twice
To me you are the brightest star under sunlight
See take away my title, take away my stripes
You give me back my girl and you give me back my life
Give me back my girl and you give me back my life
See this is just a nightmare, so I blink twice
Open up my eyes hopin' she'd be in my sight
I remember the time, I wish I could bring it back
What she mean to me, is what I mean to rap (what I mean to rap)" - Lil Wayne "Something You Forgot"

I know in Lil Wayne Fiends Minds this track is old. But this is nice in my opinion. I wonder what he's going to be yapping about on The Carter 3.

So anyway, Lebron told his mother to sit her ass down on Monday. Now had that had been my mother, she would've swung on me for even attempting to tell her to sit down. LMAO.

Ok so that wraps up this post. I'll see you around.

NY this weekend..why not. =0p


Monday Mumblings.

So today starts another "exciting" work week. Rain and grumpy attitudes are in the forecast with a slight bearing of political promises from two Democratic nominees. So being as it may, I was at the job and I'm answering calls. Insurance agents bitching because they claim that they are faxing information over and the lessee's are still getting letters and bitching them out. I mean if they would send the shit out on time then we wouldn't have these conversations.

So it seems that the next coming savior, OJ Mayo is caught up in a scandal where he accepted money and gifts from an "advisor." I happened to catch Sportscenter this morning and they showed all the receipts, money orders, etc that was funded for Mayo before he even joined USC. So the one dude that was "bring the situation to light" a.k.a. snitching, claimed that he too was like an big brother to him. But some ill words led to a falling out so he left the camp. Of course Mayo has denied any wrong doing, USC stated they checked his background and found nothing illegal and the main dude at this centerpiece said "no comment."

Jeff Hardy came off his two month suspension for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy. I just hope that he learns his lesson. He was in the midst of a huge push but fucked that up. I also hope that he can regain that momentum that he once had. He was getting huge pops at WWE shows.

Ok so for the past week, I've been bumping the new Roots CD. And I'm really mad at myself for sleeping on them all these years. But I must catch up now.

Now folks gonna think I'm crazy for this but here's an album that I think will get over looked:

Now I know folks gonna be pointing at the singles. Her "lip gloss" was popping, then she wanted you to "G Slide" on the tour bus and "shawty got loose" with T-Pain and Chris Brown a.k.a. Usher Jr. But she has this one track on there called "L.I.F.E" that mirrors the pain that most of these teenagers are facing. But she only sold 19,000 that first week so you know that that means..

These cats are in the back alley scrapping hard. They fight like everyday and night. All you hear is screeching and meowing. You would think it's hoodrats on the prowl.

Alright that's all for today so peace.

No Worries

I shall have something posted later.

Just been uh what's the word... LAZY.

Have a great day.


Took A Week Off...

Well welcome back to the blog that takes a week off to let reality sink in.

What's up everyone -- Hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Iron man kicked serious ass in my opinion. Anyone that disagrees is a lame.

So Mariah and Nick Cannon jumped the broomstick.. Me I didn't know they were talking. I mean good for them. Mariah is pushing 40 srsly..

I read an article in the City Paper about Flavor Flav and I might do a blog on that later.

Wizards got bumped out by Cleveland again -- I'm not impressed with "King James".

Ok I'm going to end this here. Hopefully I'll have something meaningful to discuss later on.