So I enjoy making the out of state trips because they are fun. I wouldn't say that I've traveled around the world but I have been to some great places. I would like to travel out West to relax and have a great time. But one place that I came seem to shake out of my system is The Big Apple. Its history, the cultural diversity, everything just pulls you in and makes you want to be a part of it. I enjoy visiting the different boroughs, seeing the melting pot of different races, the live entertainment. The great places to eat(AMY RUTH'S IN HARLEM!!!!!)...it's just a great place to visit overall. Now as I was walking through Times Square, I overheard someone say, "Out of all the places in the world, you come to appreciate Manhattan." I would say that's not all the way true. If you ride into Queens, you can appreciate the art of graffiti in the hip hop art form.

It's much more that I can write about but I'm getting tired and I must depart.

I'll continue this later.


Breaking Down Words Into Words.

So I was having a discussion with my babes and she asked if I have reached out to my father. I told her no since it was no point in dancing around the subject. But as I thought more and more about it, the subject became more clear: How do you write someone that you really haven't gotten to know? I mean granted, I have spent some time with him but not like how most fathers and sons should have.

Let's recap on a few things:

- My mother raised me. With the aid of a few others, the television and a vivid imagination.

- My father's side of the family takes a better liking to my brother than me.

- When I was younger, I used to enjoy going to my father's mother house more often than my mother's mother. Don't ask why but I am closer to my mother's mother though.

- The breaking point came when the whole issue of the $40 came about. I've forgiven but still haven't forgotten the events about that. That's what caused the original strain from that side of the family.

So where do I go from here, it's so much to say but how to put those words into play is the tricky part. I don't want to sound angry because I'm not. I don't want to come off as desperate when I'm not. I just want to try to salvage what is left of our relationship. Which is probably why I rarely trust males now. It's no trust factor there. Someone that you might consider a friend or associate, will quickly drive a knife into your back and leave it there for others to twist around.

I'm not trying to rush this, but I'm going to carefully choose my words. My point will get across when his eyes read it.


Dog Days Of Summer.

So let's see I have plenty to do but the main thing I would like to do is get started writing again.

I have a novel idea that 's just burning deep inside and while I'm reading EJD, I'm getting that bug all over again. But this time, I want to publish my work. Just to see if I can garner any attention. Seems like everyone is reading those "hood novels" and that's cool and all but I can't fuck with em. It just seems like the same plot over and over but I guess that's what attracts the masses.

I'm convinced that Mya's "Fallen" is about stalking another person. Wrd. Oh yeah and fuck Prez Hilton for comparing Mya to foreplay. Fat bastard.

WWE Draft was wack although big names were moved(For Christ sakes Vince, I don't want to see Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga for the 495390683696th time.) Ha but I do want to see how long Trips last on there before going back to RAW. And yes MVP will job to Trips =0/

Although I rarely watch BET, I will watch the BET Awards tonight. I heard they are supposed to have SWV, En Vogue, and Xscape sing with all the original members. That would be mad hot even though female groups are rare like your favorite rapper not biting lyrics. And why am I hearing "A Millie" this early in the morning...Geez.

Well I'm basically making this a short one. I want a layout for my blog but people are so funny acting. Guess I'll break down and make my own layout despite how corny looking it may look. It's better than depending on others for assistance.


Cherry Poppers. Part II


Personal Opinion/Randomness from East to West.

Now this cartoon is mad old and when I say mad old, I'm talking about during my DaKingZ days old. Now as in regards to what the cartoon is saying, I agree. If you are paying to support welfare recipients, then you ought to be able to reap the benefits of hitting those skins. It's a win-win. The person on welfare can continue to get money as they please and the taxpayer can bust a nut or two.(Three on a good day)

Now there's a story out of Los Angeles of a 52-year woman who is suing Victoria's Secret because she was injured in her eye while putting on her thong. Wait, let's analyze this:

52 year old woman


I mean come on!! 52 years old wearing thongs at that!! I mean why would you be wearing thongs at your age. You're supposed to be wearing GRANNY PANTIES!!!

Now for the main course of this blog:

17 teenage females made a pact to get pregnant in GLOUCESTER, Mass. Some of the girls reacted to the news they were pregnant with high fives and plans for baby showers, Sullivan said. One of the fathers "is a 24-year-old homeless guy,"

Now I've heard of some pretty crazy things during my time, but this has to really reach the top. How are you going to make a pact to get pregnant with some other females? I mean seriously 17 female making a pact to get pregnant at one time and on top of that a 24 year old homeless guy is one of the fathers!!! How is that child going to be supported? The father is a bum!! But maybe these young ladies needed attention or love. What is seriously going on in this world today?

And it's probably more craziness going on that we haven't even heard about but I won't be shocked or anything.

Anyway you all have a great weekend.


Cherry Poppers. Part 1

Some of the 1st albums that I cherish dearly:

To be continued.

Odd Couple.

Have you known a person that you consider the complete opposite of someone that you would date?

Like you have known this person for awhile but the thought of dating them never crossed your mind?

You talk to that person one day and then boom, you realize what's been right in front of you the whole time.

You and person start talking. You discover that you two have more in common than you originally though. Same taste in music, clothes, food, movies. Then you start realizing that you care about that person more as the days pass. Talking on the phone until the sun comes up.(I was watching that black & white cartoon on Cartoon Network)

Then during the day, you just think about what that person said to you plus the text messages that are coming through as well. Makes that dull day of work just a tad bit more relaxing.

When you and that person are in public, you give off that couple vibe.(I still want to see that comedy show)

The relationship that developed between you two, doesn't get stale like the others. That person realizes that you aren't perfect and you made some mistakes, but still loves you greatly.

That's true love right there. They can't break up what you two have built up.

You see it all the time. Two people that you might not even dare think would ever date, are madly in love. Of course people will suck their teeth and roll their eyes. Let them! They just mad that they can't have what you two have so they throw dirt and hate in your direction. But you brush that mess off your shoulders and sport those hater blockers.

And when you see that person in that one piece of clothing that will drive you wild. Oh my damn..I can't even touch that one.

Yeah so just remember that if you see an odd couple, just be happy for them. You never know that you might fall in love with your complete opposite.



"Fake hugz (uh-huh) fake whassup
Fake love, fake fuck, fake thugs
Gotta one myself for your fake shit, I raise up" - Jay-Z

This one has been a long time coming.

So pretty much, if you've been around me since this time last year, then you know all about
the drama that ensured yadda yadda yadda. If you weren't, don't even bother yourself with it. You
would be better off without it.

So now, here we are almost a year later and what have changed:

- the truth that revealed itself in the ugliest form.

- "friendships" lost

- true colors being shown

So pretty much, those that claimed to be "cool" or what not, really pulled a fast one. Sometimes
you see it coming with how people start acting in certain situations. So if you think that I'm secretive, I'll tell you why:

Trust issues.

Now if you read some older blogs, I speak on this a lot. It's basically like this, some people that claim to be "so real", "so mature", so this that and the other, really are just snakes in the grass. True friends would alert you of a situation before it rears its ugly head. Not sit in chats laughing it up. You can always tell who are the ones that real from the phony based on how situations are played out.

So that's why I rarely say anything about my p.l. (personal life) because it's too many tabloid runners that like to speculate and run their mouths about shit they hardly know anything about (There it is again). But yet, when they have a crisis, everyone wants to show them love and support. (Thanks Chris Jericho for the reference of supporting liars and backstabbers)

So now what, I mean I could go on and on about this topic but it's old to me. Still people feel the need to be fake with their feelings. I mean if you don't like a person, don't pretend. All you're doing is showing that you're a great actor/actress and if you want a stage performance, try out for a Tyler Perry play.

I know that this won't even budge people feelings, but just to be clear, you people are worst than the ones that steal photos trying to live the life of others.

"Since I will not lose, they try to help him cheat
But I will not lose, for even in defeat
There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me
When the grass is cut, the snakes will show" - Jay-Z


Not Dating For All The Wrong Reasons.

"Oh girl I know that you're
Attracted to me
And I should feel the same
About you
There's just something wrong
I don't know what it is
That keeps us from becoming a two

It's not your looks, you're very pretty
It's not your style, the way you dress is oh so fresh
It's not the way that you carry yourself

Oh, girl I'm sorry
You're not my kind of girl
Case you're the kind of girl That a man's dreams are made of

Oh girl I'm sorry
You're not my kind of girl

cause you're the kind of girl
that a man would be proud to call his own" - New Edition

A convo that I had with someone recently prompted me to think about this track by N.E.

You not dating a person because he/she doesn't fit the type of person that you're looking for.

Now of course if the person looked "ugly" or what not, of course you're going to reject that person faster than Gasol's soft layup.

But what if that person has nice, attractive features.

What would prevent you from dating them?

Attitudes plays a huge factor in this. Someone too cocky or conceited tends to offset their features.

Maybe that person is known for their traits or habits.

Rocking the playa way like Eightball & MJG.

Now at first, when you hear a person say "Looks aren't everything"

I thought that statement would be true, but a person has their limits.

Not everyone is going to be attracted to you or vice versa.

Just a thought to put out there.


To That Special Someone.

Dear _________,

Never would I have thought that I would have found someone that is wonderful,
beautiful, intelligent and classy such as yourself. Now if you would've told me two years
ago that we would be at this point, we would have both laughed big time at this. Even when it
was suggested that it was something going on, we both had to make a nice inside joke about it.

But no jokes, no games, I am truly happy to have you in my life. You made my life truly much more happier than its been. The times where I was down and out, you were my support, my rock so to speak. And for that I'll always be in your debt.

Just know that without you, I don't know how I would be. You know how to make me laugh and make fun of my "southern accent". You've made it farther than most and to know that you were made a lasting impression, shows that you are here to stay.

I love you and once again thanks for being in my world.




What are our "Breakfast Club" movies?

So in the 80's the teen's had movies such as "Breakfast Club", "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", Sixteen Candles, etc.

So growing up in the 90's, we had movies like House Party 1-3, Menace To Society, Boyz In The Hood, Clueless, Bad Boys among others.

So now that it's 2008, what could be considered this generations defined movies?

Goals and another rant.

goal - noun
1.the result or achievement toward which effort is directed;

When we were younger, I'm sure you've heard that age old question:

What do you to be when you grow up?

Most of the answers were a lawyer, a fireman, police officer, doctor, etc.

But how many of us actually say that we stuck to that goal or any other goal that we set out to achieve?

Probably not most of us, hell it's hard trying to stay alive.

But on the other hand, you have those that have goals already set for them.

Their parents stayed on them throughout their schooling because they want the best for them.

So where has things gone wrong?

Now and days, most kids don't even finish high school.

It seems as though most kids are focused on assaulting the teachers that are supposed
to be helping them reach those goals.

The youth don't want to hear anything you have to say, they see flashy people on
television and that's the goal that they aim for. Not knowing that most of that shit
is just for show. Most of the people that you see on television aren't really rich. It's just
a front to get you to buy their music or an outlet for you to jack their swag or lack thereof.

Where are the parents at? Have the parents become afraid of their kids?

In recent months, we've heard stories of parents being murdered by the very seed
that they've brought into this world.

Ok I'm slightly getting off topic. Time to get back on track.

Goals. Everyone should have short term and long term goals.

Because going through life without them, you'll just be in a continuous cycle.

If you are working, a goal for you should be to move up in a position or gain knowledge in another area.

School, you should be working on trying to obtain that degree and or that next step after getting that degree.

There are people out here that will help you if you need it. Counselors, mentors, etc are at your disposal so that they will assist you with what you need.

Another thing is that at any age, it's not too late to set goals for something that you want. There are people in their 70's still getting college degrees and you are under 25 with a good sense of health need to stop being lazy and get shit done.


Appreciation b/w Rant About Dating

"She needs no cards, flowers, presents. Just you.Fuck your heart. Let her have your soul.That's the most precious thing you could offer her.She promises to keep hold of it. Believe, she would never lie to you.Seems like words come so easy to her, but her thoughts get choked up for you." - Mai "Tanned Woman"
So I saw this stanza as I was reading this and it made me think about what I briefly touched on
You are in a relationship where that person bends over backwards, forwards and sideways to keep you happy. You have those that keep a happy home -- clean house, cooked meals, washes your funky drawers.
So how do you show that person that they are appreciated?
Some would rather just spend time with you.
Some would accept a card or a special day in their honor. (No not Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any of those overcommericalized shits we call holidays.)
Some do it for the great sex.
But being appreciated goes both ways.
Me? I don't care about materialistic things. Long as you make me happy and the proof is evident when that smile is on my face. (Long Kisses FTW -- You know what I know)
This is why I think most relationships don't work out. The gas runs out too fast and you're stuck.
Whenever we go out, I enjoy that feeling as if it's our first date. You know when you walk past people and they pick up that couple vibe. Some might even offer to sell you fragrance. But the main thing is that knowing you are happy when you are with that person. Phone calls, text messages, all the little things add up.
Now a lot of people surf on the interwebs everyday. You might hit community boards, social websites or even go into chat. Now of course you have those "tough ones" that will never "catch feelings for someone over the internet." Now here's where folks seems to be mistaken -- IT'S ACTUAL HUMANS THAT CHAT ON THESE COMPUTERS!!! Now granted we've all ran into our many shares of "fakes" but still for those that you talk to each and every day, feelings are bound to arise and you may develop a connection with that person. So dating someone off the net is just the same as meeting someone in church, at the mall, at work, etc. Of course, you have people that say "Oh no, dating off the net could be dangerous!" So I guess it's nothing but safe people walking these streets -- give me a break. One thing about the net is that you can control how much access a person has to you. Don't want to talk to that person, ignore them, block them whatever. Now I'm not saying that this will replace actual dating ways but at least if you don't give a person access to where you live, you can pretty much eliminate them from your existence.
Wait how did I manage to rant about that? Train of thought will do that to you.
But getting back to what I was originally talking about, if you are going to be involved with a person and that person is going the extra mile for you, be sure to let them know that you appreciate and love them. Because someone else is out there looking for that love too and if you don't damage what you have already, then that next person is going to swoop down and take what you have managed to waste.


True Love.

"To be with you would be like paradise
Everything would be so nice (so nice), so right (so right)
The joy you bring to me makes me feel so
Good inside
It's so right (so right), so high
Just thinkin about you
And my feelings i just can't hide" - Mary J. Blige "Share My World"

So rare that we meet a person where just everything is so right about them.

The way they look at you when you say a smart remark.
The way they touch you when you're watching a movie.
The way they just hold you during those late nights.

Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need me
For real girl, it's me in your world, believe me
Nuttin make a man feel better than a woman
Queen with a crown that be down for whatever
There are few things that's forever, my lady
We can make war or make babies
Back when I was nothin
You made a brother feel like he was somethin
That's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontin
Even when the skies were gray
You would rub me on my back and say "Baby it'll be okay"
Now that's real to a brother like me baby" - Method Man "You're All I Need"

"And the woman
That you left for this heifer got a college degree coming" - Jay-Z "Fallin"

First starting off with Meth's verse, today you rarely have a
strong woman that will hold you down, especially when things are low
(funds and morale) and will ride things out until that light at the
end of the tunnel comes shining through. When you have that person
that will make sacrifices of their own for your benefit, then you
know that person loves you more than anything.

Now with the line from "Fallin", when we lose sight of what that woman has done for us(I also could've quoted
"Song Cry") and she gets fed up with your ways, she's going to move on. Then years down the road, she's going to
be successful while you're on that hard luck wishing that you wouldn't have done her wrong.

"You can cry a river til an ocean starts to flow yeah
But she will always remember 'cause she's a woman scorned
And if you ever get her back it will never be the same
She's cuttin' the corners of her eyes every time she sees your face
Now your trust is out the door she don't want you no more
You used to tell your boys not me and she will always be there for you
If you took the time to see what that woman meant to you
Is what the mirror said to me" - R. Kelly "When A Woman's Fed Up"

Or you could end up like how R. Kelly was in this song.

So you might see two people together that might give you that
"What the hell does he/she see in that person"

"Girl 1: True, true. Just look at him, just look at his disposition!" - Ol Dirty Bastard
"Don't U Know"

And every guy in the parking lot wants to rob me of my girl
And my heart and soul, and everybody wants to treat me so cold
But i know i love you and you love me
There's no other lover for you or me
You're my lady" - D'Angelo "Lady"

And there it is.

You have those that don't care about the looks, the money, cars, etc. They see you for who you are on the inside. You might
have that charm to cheer them up with they are down. And that's why they love you. That's why they are with you. Not the flashy person with the
nice car or the athlete that is soon on their way to that pro contract. They are with you. Don't lose sight of that. It's people that would kill to have
the type of person that you have.


One Chapter Closed...New One Begins

Well today, I received my degree from my school. As I look at it, I think about the long road traveled in order for me to get to this step. The long nights finishing up a paper, the days of heading to class when I really didn't feel like going and the numerous pushes that I have received from those that truly cared. Seeing the looks on my mother and my grandmother faces showed how proud they were. The fact that my father came(although I didn't see him) was something truly wonderful in its own way. How she came four hours away to be there for this occasion, shows that she must love me. I have made friends, lost some but I thank everyone who has played a part in my life up to this point. I know that I can be difficult at times, but hey we all are in our own way.

So this summer, I have plenty of moves to make. Things that I need to get right so that I can move on with my life. Around a year a ago this time, I was preparing to make a life altering change. And as the saying goes "gotta get to heaven by going through hell." But now that she has arrived, everything is so much better.

Another thing that is on the horizon, is that the long drag out fight between Obama and Clinton has finally come to an end. I for one, is happy that it's over. They dragged this out long enough and I figured that the loser would want to become the VP candidate.

Cause I’m leaving you for the last time baby
You think you’re loving,
But you don’t love me
And I’ve been confused

An outta my mind lately
You think you’re loving,
But you don’t love me
I want to be free, baby
You’ve hurt me." - Duffy "Warwick Avenue"

I listen to this album almost everyday because
what she's singing I can reflect on how things were in the past.
But now that things are more better, I just allow the love that she has to flow on through.

"I sometimes get worried
And i wonder why i worry
Cause i know that i will make it through the storm

I'm tryin not to lose my cool
Because if in this world i do
The only person that's gonna miss out on everything is me" - Mary J. Blige "Keep Your Head"

I truly love Mary's "Share My World" album. I was like 17 when I cop this on the cassette tape (ancient days).
When you listen to the older stuff now, you appreciate that artist for all the hard work they put into their music.

So there it is...the closing of one chapter and the start of a new one.