Weekend Recap...

Damn I haven't blogged in a few days but let's recap shall we.


- hit the mall and brought a few things

- saw Harold and Kumar new movie


- chilled during the day and went out to UNO's in the evening. Two incidents involving young black females occurred. Then wanted to say they felt embarrassed about what happened. Nah I felt that way after ya'll left and folks was talking about you.

- went to the movies and saw Baby Mama. Didn't have to pay cuz I was at my old job.. HA!


- went to the Backlash PPV. Matt Hardy = New U.S. Champ; Triple H = New WWE Champ

Cryme Tyme, Maria and Mick Foley are true professionals. I'll give props to others for at least saying hello.

Ok that's it for now I'm out... Peace.


Calm After The Storm...

"Beef's to me like bar-b-que its nothing at all" - Boosie BadAzz

So for the past few days, I was really thinking about coming and really venting my frustrations. But I had a few distractions so that shit is beneath me. This weekend is going to be a great one. Going out to tonight, chilling tomorrow and Backlash on Sunday. I got a lil change in my pocket so I'm good.

This week was a really testing one. Too much was going on and folks was coming from left field with info. I mean I don't understand why I was the topic of conversation. Too many hands trying to be in the cookie jar. If me and another person have issues, it's not for the world to know about unless it involves them. Too bad we all can't mature enough to handle that.

I'm currently reading Eric Jerome Dickey's "Pleasure". So far it's pretty good. The lead character reminds me of someone that I'm cool with.

Alright I need to get ready for work so I shall be back later this evening.




Every morning when I looking the mirror, I see myself staring at a soul that's been through a lot. A lot of things in my life that I've gone through I've either been proud, disappointed, or didn't care. People would ask me why am I so hard on myself. I am the one that has to live with the decisions that I make. No one else has to own up to them. I am my own person and I have to live for myself.

I am sitting here listening to Leona Lewis. Someone said that I needed a massage. Well that person needs strong hands to rub away the stress and anger that's been built up inside for so long. And when I say so long, I mean years of pain and anguish that I don't think any of you would understand.

Some people may look at me and say, "Oh you're a nice guy. This, that and etc." The truth is that I have flaws. Many flaws within myself. We all have flaws. I never tried to come off as better than the next man. I just don't think of myself in that way that some of you think. But I do thank you for being 100%.

This isn't going to be a long one.. Just felt the need to release that.

They Are Vocal When You Aren't Around.

Ok I'm going to keep this short and sweet because this isn't really something for me to speak on but I just need to drop my words.

PLEASE -- DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH(you know that thing on your face that gets you in trouble) ABOUT SHIT THAT YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT!!!

It's so fucking annoying when you don't log on somewhere and their are folks that live in the past. 2007 is 2007. We are in 2008. Get it? 2007 is the past so PLEASE LET THE PAST STAY IN THE PAST. Folks always want to make a comment or a cute adorable joke just so they can get laughs. Well if they want laughs that bad I got a job for them

Always sitting around popping they lips, click clacking their fingers about shit. How about you focus on your life? What you say that your life is too boring? Well get a hobby, a pet, go outside and play in the street.

It's just so much going on right now and folks wan test. Dudes are the worst when it comes to talking trash.

"Males shouldn't be jealous that's a female trait." - Jay-Z

Please for the sake of all of us. GROW UP!!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a great day. And just breathe and relax. It's not that serious.

P.S. -- My DC Shoes came through yesterday. It's the start of something new. ^_^


So Let's Get Into It Shall We...

"Never apologize for saying how you feel. That's like apologizing for just being real."

Whoever said that honesty was the best policy, must didn't know what they were talking about. It's like you go hearing people saying the want an honest person, truthful, etc etc. But when that person brings forth those honest thoughts and you can't handle the repercussions, then what?

So now it's like I have to watch what I say because some people obviously can't handle what I say. I mean what I told you was from the heart, no sugar coating or anything. But it's a slap in the face on my part. Yeah ok. Well I spoke my piece and you said what you had to say so it's officially done.

So tonight was a special 3-Hour RAW. King Of The Ring 2008. So pretty I'm gonna just say it was a fluke. Regal? Just annoyed me to see him win. But I liked the set up for Backlash. I'll be there...I want to make some signs this time.

Seriously, I've been in a foul mood as of late. I've tried to remove myself from certain situations, but still end up caught in the smack dab middle of it. It's like I'm a magnet for drama.

There's this old school song from Pebbles and Babyface called Love Makes Things Happen. Now if you go on Youtube and peep the video, just notice how the transition takes place. Two people meet. Then one of them goes off with someone else and the cycle repeats.

I was in a real shitty mood this evening. But two people made me feel better. So I would like to thank you two for the conversation.

I just wish I could pack up and go on mind clearing vacation. I mean Alicia Keys did it and look how it made her.

And when it rains,
Will you always find an escape?
Just running away,
From all of the ones who love you,
From everything.
You made yourself a bed
At the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole)
And you'll sleep 'til May
And you'll say that you don't want to see the sun anymore

And oh, oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming.
And oh, oh, I need the ending.
So why can't you stay just long enough to explain?" - Paramore

Random..I know.

Sometimes I wish I could go way back when/I could walk thru and ain't nobody know Jay Jackson/Everything was OK back then/Now everybody playin a cool role and I know they actin" - Fabolous

"We was so happy poor but when we got rich/That's when our signals got crossed, and we got flipped" - Jay-Z

"I use to give a shit, now I don't give a shit more/Truth be told I had more fun when I was piss poor" - Jay-Z

"Can you even fathom not havin a fear in the world/I'm cool in my afterlife /If I'm readin these chapters right/Please what have you, I breeze through Matthews/Bleed if I have you, you cowards die a thousand deaths/Fate fucks face-down on your house's steps/Are yall even gettin this message?" - Jay-Z

"And usually I be on my shit/Harlem Shakin' these groupies off me quick" - Jay-Z

"Are you tired of the same things? Same drama?/Same guys with the same game? Bad karma?/If I take you away from the man that you wit (uh)/I just wanna borrow you, kiss every part of you" - Nas

After all of this times that we tried
I found out we were living a lie
And after all of this love that we made
I know now you don't love me the same..." - Ashanti

The above quotes are just how I feel.


Sunday Nights

- Sitting around eating dinner.

- Watching movies

- Having laughs

Some of ya'll should try that with your family. Well I know that some of ya'll do.

Anyway, what's good people? It's Sunday night so you know what that means -- Monday a.k.a. Why - The - Hell - Am - I - Here - Day.

Hmmm what else?

Well I will say that my weekend only went 30% according to plan.

I did have fun Saturday night went Duckpin Bowling(3 games to 1 Hahahahaha) and I still got wings left from Double T's. =0p

Shoutouts to all those on the blog tip. I've read some really good ones.

Ugh I can't stand Lebron James -- well only when he plays the Wizards. But this is gonna be a great series though.

O's lost to the Yankees but I'm not mad. We won 2 out of 3.

We sitting here watching ATL. Watching this with my mother and them is funny.

So anyway folks what is on ya'll minds? I mean I'm bout to harass some of you on these pages. Not really.
Anyway I'm bout to finish this movie.


Friday Night Fights/Saturday Morning Recover

I mean seriously, whenever I make plans those shit seems to fall through. That's why I rather hang out with my damn self because I know that I'll do the things that I want to do and don't have to depend on no one else. I could've went to the movies for all this(Get well Tara).

Well it's supposed to be in the 80's on Saturday, so that means less clothing and the pretty ladies stepping out.

I still don't know what I'm getting my "best friend" for her birthday. Being as though she got me a gift card that I still haven't received yet. I mean Cici lives in Canada and her gift got here quicker.

So I'm digging Leona Lewis album. I doubt that we'll see an Winehouse/Estelle/Lewis song anytime soon, but we can dream.

Ok I'm done..and I'm going to sleep. =0/


Lauryn Hill Inspired This..

"What you throw out comes back to you, star/Never underestimate those who you scar/Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard!" - Lauryn Hill

We've seen this scene unfold so many times. Whether it's home, school, work, or the internet, folk seem to always have to be negative towards others. I guess it's the chemical balance in the world but whatever. But karma has a way of getting you back. That person may look that way now, but in a few years, that person most likely will improve and it always take something bad to happen in order to make some people humble. But hey that's how folks are and even though it's fucked up that's the way of the world.

"No matter how I think we grow/You always seem to let me know/It ain't workin', It ain't workin' (It ain't workin' !)/And when I try to walk away/You'd hurt yourself to make me stay/This is crazy, this is crazy" - Lauryn Hill

Ex Factor. One of the best songs created. I could never understand that about people and relationships. Like if it's so bad and you know it ain't working out, why still try to hold on? Loyalty isn't always the best option.

"I know you think that you've got it all/And by making other people feel small/makes you think you're unable to fall/But when you do, who you gonna call?
" - Lauryn Hill

Ah yes. This goes back the lost ones comment. Those people that sit around and get their laughs at other people's expense. But when their day of judgment comes and they fall from grace, then they want to be so apologetic.

"Beware the false motives of others/Be careful of those who pretend to be brothers/And you never suppose it's those who are closest to you/To you/They say all the right things, to gain their position/Then use your kindness as their ammunition/to shoot you down in the name of amibition, they do" - Lauryn Hill

"Like Cain and Abel, Caesar and Brutus/Jesus and Judus, backstabbers do this" - Lauryn Hill

They smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place. Hmm I need to find that old Junior M.A.F.I.A. track. But anyway, you know which backstabbers are the worst? Family. Flesh and Blood. I mean a random friend, I can get over it but family though? That shit cuts deep and hurts for years and years to come.

"But deep in my heart, the answer it was in me/And I made up my mind to define my own destiny" - Lauryn Hill

This is a excellent quote. Basically within your life, you should live it the way that you want to live it. Follow your own goals and dreams, not trying to live your life to be accepted by others. Too many people fail to see that and thus is sucked away.


It Took A Year..

So some years ago there was this Iyanla Vanzant CD that came out and it featured this Faith Evans track called "Right Back Where I Started". It's one of those songs that I could never get tired of listening to. So I mean ever since I've been online, I've been tearing down the P2P Engines trying to find that song. No luck. Until I came across it on imeem but the only way I could download it was through amazon or iTunes. Until someone put me on to an application that get the song for you..

Long story short, I've played this track a shitload of times today.

Song has a good message about falling back in love with someone that wasn't no good for you.

Just that some people have that word play that pulls you back into their world even though you're trying your hardest to leave.

"I thought that it was bad enough that you left me baby/but even worse you left you for my friend/ i bet it was uneven the first time/but then you called me/and you told me the things I wanted to hear"

Lyrics will hit hard as reality sets in.



Once Again..

"The writers scream more/yet they don't run to the store/with all this money in the streets/I'm writing a verse like a chore." - Pusha T

So many times a person can put their heart in to something only for it to fall on death ear. I mean pour out so much emotion. Yeah some critics will love it and those few die hard fans will support, but mostly it will be slept on by those dumbed down individuals. Critical Acclaim my ass.

"Sorry but I don’t respect who you applauding /Little nigga flow, but his metaphors boring" - Pusha T

Too many times I've come across a person who's writing is a little shaky. Now in no way am I saying that my words are those of the Messiah, but some people just can't seem put together a logical thought. Yet again, they are the ones that those are hailed as the next best thing...right.

"Got a deadbeat dad, but he far from dead/He never knew chocolate milk make you fart real bad (Naw!)/One thing that I wish I could change/Just to see my daddy wavin' at a football game/Just to see my daddy standin' when they say my name/Walk me to the locker room and say, "Son, good game!" (For real!)/You make a tackle, but nobody there to clap"- Rick Ross

This is a subject that I rarely speak on but I'll touch on it. So my father and I really don't have the best relationship. I mean it's not like we argue and fight or anything. We just don't talk. It's mostly chalked up to how my mother had me in March and my brother was born in July. They took to my brother more so than me. For example my uncle got married and my brother got to be in the wedding but I wasn't even invited. My grandmother(my father's mother) had a retirement party and the family was saying their speeches. Well my father was there with my brother(No invite..Hell I didn't know that she retired) and he said that he and his "son" would be there for her. Not sons but son like he didn't acknowledge me even in spirit. It's like my father side of the family, I rarely deal with. So I love my father but it's no love there. See if you can figure it out.

"Girl talk slick but I see through the lies" - Lil Cease

Self explanatory.

I have more to say but I'm kind of tired.

So I'll just say to be continued.

Bonus Tracks:

"For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you, even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning" - khalil gibran - the prophet

"If you realize that you can lose the one you love, then you have a greater appreciation of what you have. ...Thus being an ability...." - Shellie Shell

"don't u believe u can die from a broken heart, if its bad enough to you anything is possible" - Shellie Shell

"only u can snap out of your misery" - Shellie Shell

What Does Love Mean To You?

Shani - Love is finding the person that's everything you wanted and everything you never knew that you needed.

Uppity - An unconditional affectionate feeling which causes you to want to be around that person frequently.

Uni - Love to me is the feeling you get when you like someone for their flaws and abilities. When sex is taken away, they make love in other ways. When everyday is a first date and every night is your wedding night.

Courtney - Unconditional, selfish love.

Stasia - to me, love means honesty, always being willing to go that extra mile, being real, no boundaries no pain.. just a good feeling.

Shellz - love is an ability not a feeling. when u close ur eyes ur capable of seeing the one u love, smell their scent when they're not even in ur vicinity, when u can't stop thinking of them, you get chills when someone mentions their name and u can't see urself without them in ur life... that's what love means to me...

Irene - It could mean a lot

Yeaya - Hard to define love. It means different things to different people and consists of so many different levels

*Note* Then she flipped it and asked her dude and he said Love is...not forced
Love is something you feel that is unexplainable; unconditional

Taki: love is doing things with no agenda...love allows the good n bad to play a role without judging and only helping to heal. Love is a constant great feeling, it doesn't hold conditions. Love is when every minute of your day consumes them...not physically, but mentally. Love is living unselfishly...love is that lil flip u feel in the pit of your stomach when you hear their name/ see their face....love is so many things...love for me is knowing living without them...is NOT an option.

cancergirl20: love to me means actually feeling what you say and saying what you feel about that person.

Eboni; well ill start by saying that love is amorphous. People experience it in various ways. For me, love is opening my heart and TRULY allowing someone to see myself, my faults, my virtues, everything. Love sometimes manifest itself into actions: i.e. going out of the way to do something because you care that much. Love for me is sometimes an experience, like with my finance I feel safe, warm and assured. Love is caring about someone in the most intense form.


Rainy Days

Rainy days calls for some love to appear
As the raindrops fall I long for you here
Who knows what lies ahead?
Maybe you'll be my heart
Or run back to your ex instead.
Broken hearts combined with shattered dreams
Tears flowing like a flooded stream
As I lay here in this sleepy atmosphere
You now know why rainy days call for love
to appear.

Artificially Flavored

"No Red 40 in my drinks." - Superwoman

Eff that I love my fruit punch.

Anyway people, welcome once again to the blog that could be compared to Diddy, cuz he just don't stop. Yeeeah ok.

Anyway good people, I'm gonna just keep this short and to the point.

I really, really despise the fakeness of "holy people".

Yeah I know some of you know exactly what I speak of.

Those that just have that funky, stank, I'm better than you attitude.

Makes me not even want to deal with them.

But my mother(and a few others say) it's all about your personal relationship with the Lord.

Yeah but it's not like you're the only one there.

Acting as if they are too good to say hello.

Anyway it reminds me of a comment that someone said on Crushspot about people being fake to themselves in from being the screen.

It's true.


Writing Happy -- The Conclusion

These are the last two that I wrote on Friday

Bad Taste

My blood is boiling -- the heat has risen
And my heart is like an inferno
I watched the two of you kiss
Yes -- those same lips that you had wrapped
around my wooden pole
You were swapping saliva with this cat
Hope he enjoys tasting the after effects
of what a blowjob brings forth

Untitled Heartbreak

Where is the one that will
keep fragile pieces for a lifetime
Too many times I do feel
like giving up on that 4 letter word
No but I keep hearing the same story
I'm different, I'm this, I'm that
So who can I believe?
Certainly not you. Hell, I can't even trust myself
Temptations run deep and trying to commit
wouldn't be best for all parties involved
So I'll let you do you -- Have your fun
And I'll fade into the dark
never to be seen again.


Writing Happy Part 1

Alright the things that will be posted below are based from writing at work. I was in a ehhh mood so since it was a nice day, I sat outside and wrote. Now these aren't going to rhyme so don't complain. Just read and understand what lies beneath.

Support for one another

Is it there or disappeared

Why is it that we don't share

support for our fellow person
We are like crabs pulling each
other back
Don't want to see the next person succeed

So we envy, hate, back stab with very sharp knives

Not knives made of metal but those of lies


I'd rather be alone
No naggin in my ear

No he say/she say

No bullshit, fuck the games

Just give me my peace within these four walls

A pen and a pad so I can release my thoughts

You may hear it or maybe not

But now I feel so much better

Untitled Passion

Sitting in this dark room
Feeling the soft touch of your hands across my face and lips
We just finished sharing one of many
deep...passionate kisses
We both received satisfaction in knowing
that this is where we long to be, want to be
Loving, holding, making each other feel better than good

Listening to Brown Sugar by D'Angelo

Those kisses simply are sweet

Pleasing to the last drop
Don't want to pull away

It's only going to make me want you more

Touch me there -- do you really want to go there

Those dreaming eyes of yours have me hooked

Fuck -- you just licked those full lips

So here I am again - kissing you

Much longer and with more passion than before.

Remember ---

Visual Aid.

So as I stare at that photo above,
something started to stir in my soul.

Thoughts, you may say....but I've never been
a victim or suspect in this case.

But there are plenty of folks out here that have.

Females are the main targets.

You have the few strong ones that fight it off.

You have the many weak that fall prey to it.

He slides inside. He's getting what he wants.

You end up with something that you wasn't expecting.

A child? Maybe worst? Now what?

He wants to dog you out. Don't return phone calls.

But he said all of things just to get into your pants.

You were told that you were the one.

Now you are stuck with the consequences of your actions.

And he's out there selling that same story to another female.

When will they learn?


Name Calling

"Name callin' hasn't fallen into what I'm runnin'
I wouldn't dis another sista unless she had it comin'" - Queen Latifah

Well ladies and gentlemen, to the blog that pulls no punches cuz as Em would say, "that's weak shit!" I am your host, Derek and tonight we're going to discuss something that has being a minor effect in our lives but in some cases, it's causes mass hysteria. Name Calling.

Now I know what you few readers are probably thinking: We joke around calling each other names and we being doing that since we were young, etc etc etc. Now I know that's all fine and dandy but something I saw today made me wonder about the motives of others.

So I was heading home from work after a long day. I'm still feeling sick and all(Well not that sick but not completely better.) So we come along to the stop @ Greenmount and 33rd(I know you're probably thinking where the hell is that at...GOOGLE IT!!!) So I see two young ladies and two males walking across the street. Now in this day in age, we all know that certain lifestyles are running rampant, but the one female put her arm around the other female and said something in her ear. The pretty female jerked away and got on the bus and sat down.

Now here comes the point of the blog... Are you ready....I SAID ARE YOU REAAAAAADDDDY

Ok ok I'll stop with the Triple H references...

Well back to the story the dominant female looks towards the pretty female and calls her a "dumb ass bitch". Now had that been a male who came out his mouth like that, ALL HELL WOULD HAVE BROKEN LOOSE.(Ok in some cases, eeeeeehhh maybe not.)

So the pretty female(She was an attractive female. Nice style of dress and all that) sits down and puts her head in her lap. And it looks as if she was about to tear up. But sooner than you can say, OH SHIT THAT OVERRATED I-NET CHICK HAS NUDES!!!!, the pretty female hops off the bus and heads back up the street towards the dominant female. I said, the pretty female hopped her little happy ass off the bus and ran back to the dominant female.

So is that what it takes to keep the ladies in check. We have to degrade you by calling you out of your name. Now I know when we all talk and joke around, it's one thing. But for you to allow that person to call you out of the name your parents gave you and to allow that shit to ride. That's very disrespectful.

Ok so now comes the very, very hard and difficult part for most of you: I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS! So please read, comment and discuss.

*tosses the mic back to the opponent* Your turn.


From The Mind Of D. Davis

- I'm battling this damn cold. I swear I hate when the weather changes because I always seem to get sick.

- I enjoy reading other people's writings. Gives me ideas on what to write about and plus it shows what goes on in the minds of others. Jassi I see you mama.

- I really am starting to hate this job.

- This election is still a toss up in my book. I keep saying that but shit is getting serious.

- Why are there so many reality television shows. The ones with the children trying to be stars and the one where it's the old stars kids. *smh* @ Al B. Sure's son not hitting that high note on that Donny Hathaway song. Didn't Diddy raise him though?

- I know it's early in the season, but the Orioles are 6-1

- What's the purpose of weird dreams?

I am going to sleep now..blah blah blah


Late Night Dreams...

As I lay in this lonely bed, tossing and turning.
Ignoring the sounds of Teedra Moses singing about love for a lifetime,
Ashanti singing about the way you used to love me(damn that kinda hit home)
She came back to me in this spiritual form, my eyes almost blinded from her shine:

She pulled me to her lips and inhaled my essence
She's dangerous to my health but I can't deny her
On many occasions, I tried to leave but I couldn't ignore her presence.
She controlled my everyday life. From the time I wake up
To the moment when I closed my eyes
Rehab wasn't an option -- I can't escape her

I stared into her eyes -- Tell me the reason you said those words
Was it fact or fiction?
Were those feelings authentic
Or just another case of miscommunication?
The woman in white just turned her head
And made her voiceless exit in the opposite direction.

I woke up.


Throwaway Thoughts(Interlude)

*picks up balled up piece of paper and stares at it*

Days I sit and nights I stare out the window
Life stops and restarts daily but the world needs to pause
I watch as you sleep. So peaceful, so beautiful as day one
We're both lost souls, searching for that first aid, broken hearts are the cause
Eyes are bright, touches me softly, kisses are breath taking
Want to give each other our all but we are afraid due to the past
Falling in and out of love, not wanting to take chances, scared of what the future has in store
Our hearts show traces of wounds due to constant battles
Trapped in dead relationships that we have become prisoners of war

We met through a mutual friend -- two beautiful women
We shared common interests - writing, love of music -- slow down
Spoke daily, feelings grew, you already had a situation
But I ignored it, stepped my game up -- told you that I would be around
Would rather put myself through hell just to keep you happy
Tried to keep up with your love, show my enjoyable side
You told me to be myself, didn't care if my clothes were a mess or my hair nappy

Lately we have drifted apart -- our hearts

**balls paper back up and tosses it back into the trash**


State Of My Union Address

*taps the mic* Is this thing on?

Alright I'm coming straight from the top with this right here. Just to give you fair warning that if you come across something that I may say in here that offends you, make you upset, or hurts your feelings, GET OVER IT!!! Thank you.

Love Is A Battlefield/We All Get Scars

What constitutes a person as being in love? What do you show to a person that would symbolize love in it's purest form? Do you love hard? Do you even love at all? Answer those questions and I don't mean the same ol everyday answers either. I mean really sit there and analyze your answers. But people don't read so I don't expect many to partake in this.

Take Me As I Am

Now as many people know, I have many sides to myself. I have my loving, humorous, serious, relaxed etc sides to myself. But why is it that, when my dark side emerges, I get written off like a bad check. Someone called me a sarcastic asshole last night. And I kindly explained to her that this side only comes out when I am rubbed the wrong way. But whatever happened to accepting that person for who they are? I mean too many times I have seen this occur. If a person is known for certain things, why try to change them? I mean if you were to tell me that you have a stuttering problem, I wouldn't take you to Kennedy Institute to get you checked out. I would just understand that it takes you 3 days just to tell a story(Insert laugh track here). This is a problem with everyone. You wonder why there are fakes on the internet? Well aside from the fact that they have deep emotional issues, but those people want to be accepted. And look at how we have set standards in society. Women have to be small, huge breasted or willing to take off her clothes in order to be accepted. So what happens to the females that are on the heavy side. They have to deal with the fact that they are shunned in this world while the girl who has her breasts hanging out, crusty ass thongs on and labeled dumb ass gets all the attention. Males we have pressure to deal with too. We have to deal with these females drooling and getting their panties wet to those models/actors/singers/rappers that are plastered all over the television, magazine and internets. It's maybe a few that are accepted for their own individual style, but what about the rest. Everyone wasn't born to trying to be "perfect".


When I speak, don't sit there and say awww I love your accent. It pisses me off on some whole next level type shit. And when I speak, open your ears(get the sugar daddy out) because I hate repeating myself. You would want me to have the same respect for you when you speak, so I expect the same if nothing more.

What's Going On?

These youths are something else. Teens murdering their families, 3rd graders plotting to harm their teacher, 7 year old brought to guns to school. These are all headlines floating around the country. Whatever happened to respecting your elders? This type of madness worries me about the future. Parents please, BEAT YOUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE SHOWING OFF!! I wish I would have tried that with my mother, I probably wouldn't be here right now.

Right now I'm listening to Nas' N.Y. State Of Mind. And I see how much his flow has changed compared to right now. Same goes for Jay-Z too or whoever has been around for a long time.

Damn it's been over an hour and I haven't still clicked on Publish Post...Hehehe

Anyway this is the end of the State Of My Union Address. Now scram!!!

Something You Should Know

This wasn't no ordinary feelings
This was true emotions, words, expressions.
I need a sharpen pencil just to sharpen my thoughts
Make my words much more clear, merely a suggestion.
We've shared many days, intimate nights -- damn a tear started to drop.
You made me laugh, I made you smile -- They say love's a lesson.
To receive this love, unconditional, pure, honest
Feels like it came from heaven as a blessing.

The sweet taste from your lips
Felt like poison to my soul
Took a sniff of your powder
Almost killed me -- had me staring at the 6 foot hole
Had me under your spell -- I followed your every word
Took me on a flight, filled with passion and pleasure
But you led me astray, shattered my heart
Left me a mess, mind going numb...you caused this pain
My soul is scattered and my heart many times ripped apart




"never let someone else's garbage ruin your day" cheer up honey! your great! :] - Erin

Thank you.


Reading is Fundamental b/w Estelle

I'm going to start this off with a quote from a good friend of mines:

"Not everybody can play a leading role in your life,
Some people are only meant to make a cameo" - Taki

So we've all had those that made those brief appearances, then suddenly as slowly they entered
just as quickly they've exited. You may wonder what was it that you did wrong, even though
the only thing that you're guilty of is putting the time into that person. A lot of us fell for this bait, got used then tossed back into the water.

So as the title says, "Reading is Fundamental." Just sit back and observe. Read the situation with your eyes and the answers to your questions will appear to you.

Anyway now that the trash is taken out.

This album is a pretty good listen. My faves are No Substitute Love, You Are(feat. John Legend), and Pretty Please (feat. Cee-Lo). This album features production from Will.I.Am, Wyclef, and Swizz Beatz.

Well ok time for me to fool around on here a slight bit longer.