Don't Be So Quick To Hit Delete

Long story short: ErOneH8zDerek via Twitter no longer exist.

Wasn't really no reason to delete the account, just allowed some shit to force me to press that delete account button. So when folks heard about me closing the account, it was met with criticism and come back because we'll miss you replies. (read: yeah right)

So I decided to take a page from the homie Jamil by way of Nas and just destroy and rebuild.

New Twitter name: Mo_Rease (Read it slowly...Mo Rease..Maurice.. Get it.. Got it.. Good.)

That's all for now.



AngelaMichelle said...

who's mad you explained the name? I'M mad you explained the name. *raspberry*

Untouched Jewel said...

I believe you do what u feel is right. If u delete the account, so what?! Ur a grown man who can make any decision about ur life u want to.

Anonymous said...

You know this new name is golden to me...Just giving me Mo_Reasons and ways to have fun with your name lol. You know LNWALvD :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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