Not Feeling Myself As Of Late

I really thought that the worst was over, but I got hit with something else. Not that it was bad but I should have just left the subject alone.

"The decision made will affect one of us."

Saturday.. I hung out with my best friend. Now I use that term lightly because she's one of the few that will give it to me straight no chaser. Sometimes I need to hear the truth and it hurts but I have to bear it.

So in the middle of typing this, this tweet made me smile:

Don't be afraid to use your ammunition, that lady should of, would have, could have, saved herself. Rule number 4 - Double Tap - Columbus

So I checked this movie out yesterday. It was stupid but in a funny way, so yeah I will have this on DVD.. Also the Bill Murray cameo was hilarious.

Well I'm off to do something constructive.